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From a letter: Emergency Package for Jobs and the Economy
From: The Secretary of State for the Interior and Kingdom Relations
To: the President of the House of Representatives
The Hague, April 16, 2020

…..The Kingdom Council of Ministers has decided to make additional loans dependent on a package of measures aimed at structural reforms.

In recent years, numerous agreements have been made with the countries – including Aruba — to reduce the vulnerability of their societies, which have not yet been sufficiently fleshed out.

The C(A)ft and the IMF have also repeatedly advised on structural reforms.

The Kingdom Council of Ministers has given instructions to countries to comply with mutually agreed budgetary rules.

Unfortunately, all agreements, advice and directions have not been followed or have been insufficiently followed.

As a result, no robust government was created and there are no sustainable public finances.

Programs to strengthen the administration and the civil service have also had little or no effect.

Partly because of this, there has also been no question of building up financial, institutional and social resilience and of an administrative structure to be able to withstand crises of any kind.

Given these experience facts, conditions will apply to additional financial support.

Conditions in areas such as the economy, the labor market, the capital market (financial systems and their supervision), the pension system, the social security system, the health care system, the government organization and the administration. The aim of this is to increase the resilience of the countries themselves against future economic shocks.

For that reason, I have invited the countries to come up with their own proposals that contribute to the sustainable strengthening of the (socio-) economic structure and thus further advance the self-development of the autonomous countries. Talks will be held with the countries about this in the coming period. The aim of the package of measures is that the economies and public finances of all three countries will emerge stronger from this crisis.

End of quote from letter.

Signed: The Secretary of State for the Interior and Kingdom Relations,

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April 22, 2020
Rona Coster