Colors in my Mind, presenting the interesting story & creations of Paul Wong

The Chamber of Commerce invited for an art exhibition on Friday, by Paul Wong, which was very well attended and admired.

Paul has been designing tee-shirts under the ISLA DESIGNZ, in the early days of his career, they were popular and fun, then he started spraying cars and motorcycle with colorful, creative designs, and not so long ago he expanded his professional vocabulary by painting on canvas and finally, becoming one of Aruba’s most popular muralists. He was just commission by Kooyman’s to decorate the bedroom walls of the young Casa Cuna residents. His Art Fair mural, My Strength, received great praise and one can notice his bold and versatile imagery next to Lima Bistro, the Olympic Committee, and a great number of other places in town, as well as successful exhibitions at the library and now at the Chamber of Commerce.

Paul is humble and fun, he prices his work reasonably, and appeals to nature lovers and lovers of Caribbean colors.

While he spray-paints most of his work he also draws and uses a brush, in an effort to gain proficiency and excellence. I challenge myself all the time, he says.

 This is what KVK circulated:

 Paul Wong was born in 1971 in Aruba. He discovered his passion for drawing and painting at a young age while attending Rayo di Solo school, then St. Paulus school.

He pursued his dream in the arts by studying at “the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale”.

After graduation, he came back to Aruba and started a tshirt shop named “Isla Designz of Aruba,” which designed and printed tshirts with different Aruban images.

Later, he was introduced to automotive painting, where he expanded his artistic initiatives into custom painting helmets, motorcycles, cars and boats.

To date he still runs a garage and paints motorcycles and vehicles, according to client’s specs and desires. In the last couple of years he started painting murals and canvasses, which he admits was out of his comfort zone, but it expanded his career in many ways, and brought him to the general public’s attention.

 Paul keeps honing his skills and develop a focus on painting images of his native Aruba on various media, such as canvas, murals, and t-shirts.

Paul Wong’s dedication to capturing the essence of Aruba through his art, along with his ability to transform everyday objects into works of art, showcases his artistic versatility and commitment to sharing his love for his homeland with others.

 We thank you in advance for your kind collaboration toward the arts, the exhibit will remain open until October 2024. As pieces are sold, they will be replaced with new work by the artist.


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November 11, 2023
Rona Coster