Cold Coffee biographical notes

By her own testimony Yakari declares she’s angry, brought up with little to no love. Of course her mom would disagree, but to the little girl Yakari was the adults in her life, mostly females, were too busy, too stressed, too worried…. they wanted the lil’ one to take as little space as possible, to be quiet, never demanding, always grateful and content, for having food on the table, a roof over her head, and bills, which she wasn’t responsible for.

My mom was the same way. Children may be seen, not heard, was her way of telling me to get out of her way.

So many of us share that childhood experience, we were loved, but not the way we wanted and needed to be loved. Those were difficult times, so many mouths to feed, so much work, so little help or support, our moms were young women themselves, THEY needed everything.

In her writing Yakari details how formative that child experience was, it made her the writer she is.

I am still waiting for someone to call me on my bullshit, she said to me this week, at Flor da Oriente at the launch of her book. I promised to do my best, but having gone through her materials I think there is no bullshit here, I think she is the real deal. A poet, with plenty of things to say, because of that conflicting, impossible upbringing, and her poem Forgivness, expresses it very eloquently.

She made lemonade from lemons.

The anguish miraculously resulted in gratitude.

In a perfect world, all children have a happy upbringing surrounded by people who listen to them, and encourage them to evolve, and bloom. But then we would have no great writers, no poets.

Because, that painful residue is exactly the fertile ground for unique expression.

Yakari found a person who believed in her, a teacher, an educator by the name of Stephanie. That woman listened to what her student had to say and valued what she heard. The universe gave her the roll of reassuring the young poet, she had substance, then Maria Silva took over.

So no, the king is fully dressed, not naked. The poetry is most enjoyable and we read some verses Sunday afternoon, watching the sunset over the cliff at Malmok. It was perfect.

Cold coffee – Yakari explains she makes coffee every morning, then starts writing, by the time she get to drink it, it is cold.

Genius illustrator: Josianne Coutinho, wow, she provided the perfect imagery.

Poetic forward by Maria Silva.

Cold Coffee, Vol. I, Poems and Thoughts by Yakari Gabriel.

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December 19, 2017
Rona Coster