Club Arias is Savaneta's first and only Boutique Hotel

Club Arias

Club Arias

This really sounds like “Don’t Stop the Carnival,” book II. A modern day version of Herman Wouk’s comedy about living out fantasies in the Caribbean, having quit the NY rat race. But this is no fiction. This is a true story, unfolding right here, as we speak.

Arias Schwartz, a visitor from NY, came on vacation to Aruba with his family staying at the Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa, when he left the resort on Palm Beach and went exploring, driving himself all over the island.

At a certain moment he paused, and found himself staring at Savaneta 123K, on the main road, past the Valero gas station. He was looking at an old fashioned tropical home on a sizeable piece of property.

When he went back to the resort he told Sherry, his art-teacher mom, he was buying the real estate. He was in love with a yet to be conceived project, taking shape in his head.

We visited Club Arias this week, it is almost ready to open as a ten-room boutique hotel clustered around a beautiful swimming pool, a rock wading-pond with Jacuzzi, waterfalls and a swim up bar.

The rooms of Club Arias are all impeccably decorated with the beds occupying center stage. They are showpieces, draped in clamboos and heaped with soft, odd-shaped pillows, colored-throws, summer down-comforters and 600-count cotton sheets in subdued floral designs which are tastefully reflected on the wall trims and on the carved cabinet doors, even on the light-switches, all hand-painted, you guessed, by art-teacher mom, Sherry.

Flory, Arias’ wife is the interior decorator. The diminutive gorgeous woman, has amazing taste, after all she married Arias.

Arias, the developer and builder extraordinaire, is coming down from an intense construction and design spree. His entrepreneurial spirit, his artistic drive and his courageous approach to life, gave Savaneta its first boutique hotel.

It’s tremendous. Really something to be proud of.

Club Arias is visible from the main road, see the sign in our picture. It will be open for business in a few days. With a gorgeous garden, contemporary accommodations and a genuine Caribbean feel, it is a true escape and most suitable for a large family who wants to vacation together or a large, happy, group of friends.

The Gate of Paradise

The Gate of Paradise

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August 13, 2008
Rona Coster