City Inspector Impersonator, misleads Crijojo Trapper

Son #1 reported to me that a female street dog, a brindle in heat, harassed by a dozen male dogs in Montana over the past few days, needs help.

He called Crijojo Trappers asking the gold-hearted volunteers to trap and spay her, save the female from her molesters.

Then I happened to drive by Montana. Lo and behold, that same female street dog, a brindle in heat, is still being harassed by a dozen male dogs.

I took pictures,

I also called Crijojo Trappers, sent them a location pin and pictures.

Of course they went to Montana and patiently waited, trap set, for the dog to be lured and captured. Their efforts were rewarded, after a number of tries.

Let me remind you again: They are all animal advocates and volunteers.

When she walked into the trap, she was driven to a vet clinic to be operated, in time to prevent more unwanted puppies on the street. She was going to be vaccinated and given expensive NextGuard and HeartGuard medication.

Then a man representing himself as CITY INSPECTOR called Crijojo Trapper to reprimand them, for trapping the dog.

The owner wants her back, he said.


It is his right to do as he pleased, with his dog.

Imagine, impersonating a CITY INSPECTOR, in clear VIOLATION of Lei di Cacho, and ordering the dog’s release from the clinic, on behalf of his friend, who allegedly owns it.

Obviously, the owner doesn’t care for the dog, leaving her on the street, in heat. Maybe he even threw her out, so she doesn’t stain his floor?

We will never win that war against animal abuse with people like that, impersonating authority, taking special requests, doing favors.

In response to my original post a concerned City Inspector called and investigated, reaching the conclusion it was an impersonator, a former Policeman, using his so-called authority.

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March 11, 2021
Rona Coster