CITGO declared a slowdown

RDA finally confirmed what we’ve been seeing, that it is at a standstill. Slow down they call it but you should read clinical death.

The media here reported it like it was another accident in Ponton. No tears shed, no pain or regret expressed, not a question asked. Zero outrage, it sounded like an everyday thing.

You are kiddin’. This is a disaster.

AVP dragged the entire country into the sink hole, under the deceitful leadership of the former MinPres, and no one goes to jail, and no one is accounted for the financial and moral bankruptcy?

Businessman Rene Kan told me two or three years ago and I am quoting: “I said from the very beginning, and you can quote me on that, I’ve learned from my banking years that it is never a good idea to negotiate with a potential partner/country that has one foot in a coffin and the other one on a banana peel. And you are even crazier if you continue these negotiations when you see, from the beginning of the process that your middleman goes to prison in the USA.”

He was off course referring to our dubious friend Roberto Rincon, a guest of the Feds in Houston. Rincón is talking like a little bird, spilling all his secrets.

(PS. Rincon and Shiera’s singing already brought down 10 powerful officials who pleaded guilty, also investigated the Venezuelan UN Ambassador, Oil Czar Ramirez, questioned for the disappearance of 11 billion, and his cousin Salazar, all accused of bribing foreign officials, and sending millions to their own bank accounts in Switzerland and Andorra)

Read this:

South of the border, everyone who was anyone, also went to the slammer in Venezuela. And I am convinced that a few former Aruban ministers are not sleeping that well at night for fear that the Feds also asked Rincon about the wonderful time he had in Aruba, rubbing shoulders with penniless government officials, happy to receive a gift from a friendly so called rich and connected Venezuelan oilman.

We were affiliated with a solid stock exchange registered company, Valero, which was let off the hook for the cleanup in order to climb into bed with lowlife crooks.

The estimated RDA cleanup is one billion dollars.

Valero was responsible until the AVP government let it walk away.

They were told three years ago, that the shit will hit the fan. Businessman Milton Berlinski was on the exploration team, and he resigned three years ago when he smelled a rat.  It’s not 20-20 hindsight, it was clear to see, then.

The AVP politicians put on their pink glasses and in spite of warnings went ahead to negotiate a legal contract with CITGO/PDVSA.

Instead of spending money on international savvy experts, they took some island boys along, some local yokels, totally inexperienced and naïve. This is what happens when you let juniors make deals like this.

People here are not pissed because they just don’t understand the impact it has on the economy. What it has cost us so far. And what it will cost in the future.

On a positive note:  We thank God that THEY/CITGO came out and confessed. Imagine if it took months and then AVP blames MEP for screwing up their brilliant deal. Now it just dies on its own and MEP cannot be blamed.

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February 21, 2018
Rona Coster