Chokehold VS Transparency

Our Economy in a Chokehold

The Unions are now talking and talking. They must and will come around, because the Age of Protectionism is finally over.

For as long as I remember, tourism had been begging for flexibility in the labor market, always meeting an unwavering resistance from GOA and the Unions.

With this attitude, in the era of CoVid19, employers are left with just two options: Apply for dismissals to shrink their workforce into survival mode, or close shop altogether.

One of my friends writes:

Facing GOA’s imminent bankruptcy, it should negotiate from a position of strength, amplified by a sense of urgent emergency.

Opting instead to bow to reckless, selfish and TOTALLY unacceptable viewpoints of public sector labor unions totally ignore the principles of solidarity and equality!

Our old-style labor unions should bear in mind that the Kingdom Council of Ministers linked the level of the next financing aid to the REFORMS the island is making between rounds of cash injections.

And they should also remember that in this choke-held love/hate triangle, this Ménage a Trois between Goa, Unions, & Entrepreneurs, it’s the entrepreneurs who create employment, and take the risk, investing capital.

The more unions pursue benefits and salaries, the fatter and more useless they get, the more business declines!

And while they are screaming Me-Me-Me, the public, their clients, is really interested in efficiency, and customer service, zero bureaucracy, the elimination of red tape, and streamline processes, befitting the people who pay their salary, delivering wholehearted and conscientious service.

If Hymno & Bandera means anything to you, stop whining, start thinking like partners, this is a marriage and for it to succeed each side must suppress his/her selfish ego in favor of the superior, communal goals.      

Can we have some transparency here??

A WhatsApp message circulated recently with a list of ‘abusive’ companies at RDA and WEB.

I am not in the business of ‘outing’ anyone, but the nepotistic, incestual friends and family relationships between ministers, members of parliament, directors of state companies, their cousins, former wives, and lovers, all benefiting from an untouchable status, and the obvious need of RDA, TDEA and WEB to employ outside contractors, is appalling.

It doesn’t benefit the public.

That WhatsApp message spoke of money laundering, bribes, illegality, workers without permits, sponsored Happy Hours, poor safety records, pleasure yachts, cigar lounges, free trips to Colombia, gasoline smuggling, personal perks, cheap labor, lucrative contracts, late delivery, and under the table arrangements.

Among companies mentioned: Custom Contractors; Doushar; UTLT; Seaview; Field Solutions Aruba; WEB Consultants; FCC: Felipe Construction; Amast; Ponson heavy equipment; Dick & Doof; Warsila; Star Enterprises; Johnson Enterprises; Solo Marine; De Cuba Electrical; Arends Inspection, Albo, and not to forget Memco, which was strangely left out, all delivering sub-par work, at inflated prices in a culture of zero supervision and oversight which fosters this free for all corruption.    



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April 25, 2020
Rona Coster