Chef Hein Retires having Enjoyed an Illustrious Career

Assistant General Manager Jessica Franken served as ceremony emcee, at Chef Hein’s informal retirement get-together.

Jessica, the curator of the resort’s memories, was also in charge of story-telling, recounting a bit of the chef’s history in Aruba in general and at the resort in particular.

Executive Sous Chef Manfred Hein, she explained, started working for La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort at the very beginning, in 1992; as he is retiring this week, he will be tending his cunucu, she explained, his garden, enjoying well-deserved retirement at the age of 71.

At La Cabana, Hein fearlessly catered functions of up to 5,000 people on the pool deck, besides performing as a hands-on team member in the kitchen serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for guests staying in the 800-plus room property, made up of two separate resorts.

His colleagues from the Kitchen also reported Hein was a tireless teacher and mentor sharing his vast knowledge of food, in all aspects from plate washing to plate presentation.

From his own point of view, Chef Hein explained he is planning to turn a fresh page in his book, life is not over, he declared, he is just opening a new chapter.

Pictured here heartwarming moments of farewell, as all present sign a picture-poster as a souvenir, and witness the much-appreciated retiree receiving a beautiful watch.

Many of Aruba’s repeat visitors still remember that chef Hein arrived here in 1982, after visiting Aruba a couple of times as a tourist, and when he decided to settle he opened the fondly-remembered Heidelberg restaurant on the boulevard.


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May 10, 2008
Rona Coster