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I recently visited with Ruben Aleksani Matevosyan, in Savaneta, he is a kind of futuristic prophet, working in collaboration with a charming local disciple, Germille Geerman.

Ruben has been living here for a few years and raises two kids with a beautiful wife, when he takes a break from working out. He is an intense character, and tells thought-provoking stories.

What are Ruben and Germille talking about? They are talking about the future in a Mindful Organic Multiverse.

Wait, don’t leave, this is interesting.

The website states the following: I am Ruben Matevosyan, and I am here to inspire courage in the battle against the dragons: Distraction overload, sedentary lifestyle & choice overwhelm, in this technological world, by making the battle exciting through design & inspiration with the goal to evolve in body, mind, spirit, towards the highest we can conceptualize.

If you read this, five or six times like me, you will get it, because we all realize the future is here, and it is super confusing, and someone had better hold our hand and guide us through the battle with the dragons: Overload of distractions, couch-potato lifestyles, and too many choices.

Ruben is proposing to give our existing brands a creative new twist, turn them into immersive interactive experiences, and make a ton of money again, though he doesn’t talk about money, he only talks about fun.

Let’s take Aruba as an example?

The island is a solid brand, but it has a finite life span, in a way. Our size dictates the number of people that can visit, and the cost of travel prevents many from actually getting here – besides coral bleaching, inflation and all other 21st century plagues. But if we had locked our brand in an alternative universe, we could ask clients to visit at a modest price of admission, and let their Avatar tour our wilderness crazily — without harming it, take a romantic sunset cruise, stay in a fantastic hotel penthouse suite, make love on the beach, drink bottomless libations, without ever stepping on a plane. The Avatar, created by Ruben, can visit pristine beaches and experience amazing adventures, delivering astounding sensation to clients, at a modest price of admission, a fraction of what it would cost to actually come here and do all of the above.

Technology can deliver an alternative universe, created by MATEVO, life-like, alluring, available to millions.

While two million lucky ones come here every year, there are billions out there that may enjoy an identical experience in the multiverse. An endless number of clients, even after the mangroves die, and the 100th hotel property is built on Eagle Beach.

Best of all our brand will be protected by block-chain technology and untouchable by copyright infringers and copycats.

As I said Ruben is a futurist, a visual story teller and a creative problem solver, plus design-engineer by profession with 10-year experience. He went to some excellent school in the Netherlands, and is an accomplished innovator.

Sounds like the right person to escort us into the future.

Did I already mention he is a powerful enhance-reality painter? His artwork is stunning.

Thank you Germille for the introduction.



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July 31, 2023
Rona Coster