Celebrity pups, social media influencers

The Ritz Carlton Aruba has always had a dog friendly policy, as long as they are small, under 20 pounds, but lately they raised the bar on friendliness by inviting celebrity pups Sprout, Mochi and Ella Bean for a stay at the resort.

The dogs are all influencers on instagram, Ella Bean, a 4 pound puppy-mill rescue with 103K followers, Mochi, a 3 year old maltipoo from NY, with 94.4K followers and Brussels Sprout, with 76.9K followers, also from NY.

They were picked up in a limo from the airport with their respective humans, and enjoyed a royal lobby reception and enhanced pet amenities in their rooms, including fluffy doggy beds, treats, toys, their own beach cabana, special life jackets with a shark fin attached, and gourmet menus at all the resort restaurants including the sushi bar.

They experienced non-motorized watersports at Vela where they also met a local influencer, celebrity pup Ringo the Gringo, 97.1K followers — he works on behalf of St. Pepper here, and told the VIP visitors about the work of dog rescue organizations on the island. They posed for pictures on the resort’s eternity bridge.

Then they all went paddle-boarding, wearing their life-jackets.

I have been a follower of Crusoe celebrity dachshund for few years, he is huge sensation, I hope he will be invited here one day, I am living to meet him. Admittedly, I adore that stubborn my-way-or-the-highway breed, and I am one of Crusoe’s 466K followers together with Louella Brezovar, Resort Manager at the Ritz Carlton who also favors low riding wieners.

Check the dogs out on instagram, the pictures are very cool and I hope dog–owners from around the world will pay attention.

I almost forgot, while their humans were getting an in-room massage, the doggies were getting groomed by Fluffy=Paws, in room, of course.

Mondo Cane. It’s a dog’s life.

The take-away says Yahira Santoni, Communications Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba, the dogs made the Ladies & Gentleman working at the resort very happy, they delivered joy.

(Oxcytocin is to blame, the hormone produced when we bond with a baby or a dog, or anything cute; it makes us feel good about the world. I think Oxytocin is also a good dog name).

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November 01, 2017
Rona Coster