Celebrating Service Superheroes: La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino honors “Service Superheroes” during the First Associates’ General Meeting of the Year

Associates and members of management at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino came together to celebrate and recognize their service superheroes for the last quarter of 2018.

The event, planned and executed by the Eagle Team and the department of Human Resources honored associates who delivered outstanding service during 2018, and shared the accomplishments of the resort, continuously creating memorable vacations.

Awards were given out in a number of categories based on Medallia scores, a system in which Customer Feedback is captured and shared by all stakeholders, with the desire to interpret the data and improve company performance, and all other aspects of customer satisfaction.

Winners for the last quarter of 2018 included: Medallia’s Most Mentioned Associate, Nixon Castillo; Medallia Most Mentioned Rookie, Lucienne Ras; Medallia’s Most Improved Score, by the Housekeeping Department; Medallia Best Improved Score vs. 2017, by the Activities Department; Best Theme Luncheon given by the Front Office and Best Improved & Highest AOS Score 2018, the Activities Department.

The forum also celebrated the Front Office Superheroes Dominico Heyden, Gigi Jaranilla & Jhonier Castro; Owners Services Superheroes Nathalie Wouters and Desiree Henriquez; Central Dispatch Superheroes Nicolasa Ventura, Miguel Martinez, Soledad Amaya, Adelmo Santiago and Rocio Velasquez and associates who were promoted during the month of January Sudi Guda, Sandra Campos, Amaris Werleman, David Maduro, Janet Reid, Luz Adriana Danje and Nixon Castillo.  

The Executive Committee took the opportunity to revealed the resort’s new values, to be held in high regard, they are Agility, Appreciation, Excellence, Integrity, Innovation and Guest Obsession, constantly listening to guests, and continuously test, enhance, and personalize their experience.

Congratulations to all winners and nominees for continuously providing excellent service, creating memorable vacations for guests, and an equally memorable work environment for associates.  

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February 15, 2019
Rona Coster