CBA and One Foolish Island

Is CBA out of touch??

The Central Bank of Aruba, CBA, sent out consumer confidence survey yesterday.

You could have saved the graphic fees if you had asked me.


We are trying to figure out how to stretch our money for 18 months, because that what it is, at worst case scenario, I hear.

I filled in the questionnaire, I did not save the questions for later reference, but I distinctly remember that as I was answering them my brain refused to believe what I was reading.

REALLY? Is that what you want to ask me now??

Will you buy a car now, will you apply for a mortgage now, OF COURSE not.

Will you take out a loan? For food, medicine, yes, but which bank will approve that??

Don’t you read my column? (That was arrogant.)

We are mid WORST global crisis ever, this survey is useless in extraordinary times, you should conserve your energy to work on macro-economic strategies and tactics to save us, and porfa prevent the florin from tanking.


#Covid19 #theyjustdontgetit

I went walking, solo, on Friday, 5:30pm, with the helicopter spinning circles overhead. The traffic up and down the lighthouse road was heavy. The chopper was circulating, pissed, so many people misbehaving, and he just had to hang up high, a powerless witness.

Toward Arashi, where the road bends at the back-gate to TDS, an ATV was flipped on its side, its cooler emptied on the road, a mix of shattered glass, plastic bottles, ice, and sandwich bags.

The two women on the side of the road seemed dazed, but their two companion criminals, the ones they were on paranda with, pushed them back into their seats once they righted the ATV, and then a desperate number of ignition failures finally led to success, the engine coughed, but it was alive.

Aren’t you going to pick up your trash, I asked, into the air, chopper twirling nervously overhead.

The two criminals looked at me as if I was a bothersome mosquito, spun their vehicle around and sped down the road. Adios losers.

I collected my thoughts a bit, I was not going to pick up the debris, nor was I going to touch anything, but I was troubled.  #Covid19 #theyjustdontgetit

Just as I was getting on the Arashi stretch of the road, a young biker, wearing a helmet, and an older, morbidly obese quad rider, flew by, revving their engines.

Guess what, two police cars, lights on, rumbler siren on #GETOUTOFMYWAY loudly, came storming down the street.  I jumped, startled. Five minute later the two biking criminals came charging down the Lighthouse hill having escaped the Police, they gunned their bikes as the past me, to spite.

I couldn’t even hold up a middle finger.

Honestly, I had tears in my eyes. I felt such immense sadness, and frustration. Such as assault on the senses, on common sense, on decency, on safety. By that time, I reached Arashi filled with locals and their kids with coolers, wet towels, and chairs, as if they knew nothing about our nuked economy and the serious threat to our ONE HAPPY ISLAND, I accepted the fact that I live on One Foolish Island, instead.  

Thank you MinPres for the decision to oblige SHELTER IN PLACE. Good move, and much needed.




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March 29, 2020
Rona Coster