Cash in Purse?

Happy Betico Day, he was a charismatic politician, and I had the priviledge to meet him on various occasions, a warm, outgoing personality with bad hair.

I am not going to burden you today with much information, just point out of the highway robberies going down under our noses. We just paid for a printing of a magazine in the USA, and while I do not wish to incriminate CMB, we use their services, so the info is available.

The fixed charges on a USD transfer to CITI bank are:

  • USD 75,00 CMB
  • USD 15,00 Citibank
  • 1,3% Centrale Bank of Aruba
  • 10% CMB bank-charges

So for example a transfer of 30K to Citi costs a total of USD 510,00.

Options? None. I don’t think it’s convenient to travel with the cash in my purse.

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January 25, 2017
Rona Coster