Carnival of the People

If anything, Clyde Burke knows about Carnival and Scriptures.

A retired Policeman, he served as senior advisor to the former MinEnergy, yes, the one who sold us the silly refinery deal, but with the change of government colors Clyde found himself out to pasture, on ice, marked, collecting a salary with no particular job designation under the new administration.

So, he uses his time to take care of his health, preach the gospel, and comment on life on the island, especially in San Nicolas, his hometown.

So, I consulted him about the Last Lap issue and he sees it clear.

The Last Lap is indeed a free for all, an opportunity for people to jump in and enjoy Carnival free of charge. The groups shuffle by in their fancy costumes and their structured catering and security services, and those who did not have the funds to participate wait patiently for the end of the dazzling display, then jump in to follow the last lap band for an all-out party.

It’s poor people’s Carnival says, Burke. The way Carnival is trending, it now targets the upper middle class with mucho disposable funds. A costume that will turn heads comes with a mega price tag, and even the most basic presentation costs four digits.

According to Burke, this is an effort to eliminate poor people’s Carnival, and force Carnavalista to join the festivities in an organized manner. No more free loaders here. You pay, you play. You don’t pay, you don’t play.

Burke argues that’s not the idea.

The idea is to have a let-your-hair-down party, that is shared by princes and paupers. Carnival is the big equalizer, the one place, where an even playing field allows the rich and the poor to share the exact same experience, and by removing the Last Lap, we rob Carnival of its core mission.

No money? Some starting band would provide the service at no charge, Burke argues, for promotional opportunities, or a sponsor can be found, a defender of the poor who would like to give the have-nots a good time.

Bring back the Last Lap, tone down the emphasis on luxury and glitz, and you will inherit the kingdom of heaven, or at least have a great time saying FAREWELL TO FLESH/MEAT, Carni-Val, 40 days ahead of Easter, just before Lent.  

In his own words:  I’m trying to stay quiet but sorry and God forgive I CAN’T.
I just read that they are eliminating the last lap. Reason, it creates a lot of problems etc.
We have been having last lap up in San Nicolas long time. Bands goin’ till Bonaire Club with the blessing of the police with no problem. I even experienced a band went back round came out by Pacifico Restaurant and went back down without any problems. Now i have to ask myself and you should also. They have been portraying San Nicolas as a city, where uneducated, savage, thieves, drug addicted, drug selling people live. Even telling tourist not to come up here to. But it seems contrary to what the common believe is that, were humble, well behaved, respectful, party loving, last lap jamming and God-fearing people. San Nicolas, I love you bad. Love yourself my people.
Dr. Burke

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January 22, 2019
Rona Coster