Caribbean Palm Village Resort, Exploring the Meaning of Fatherhood


The recent Father’s Day celebration inspired Caribbean Palm Village Resort to further explore what being a father meant to the diligent men working at the popular timeshare resort in Noord.  

The department of Human Resources circulated a number of questions, and patiently waited for the responses to come in.

The questions focused on the theory of being a father and on the actual practice, and encouraged reflection, which was shared among all resort employees.

Some fathers focused on being role models to their kids, and giving them the foundation of being persons of integrity and character but the winner, Gilberto Spataro, who won a weekend stay at the resort focused on personal involvement, and spending time in doing things together and cultivating the minds of his kids, individually.

Mary Werleman, Human Resources Manager, Caribbean Palm Village Resort explains that employees showed great interest in the soul-searching quest for the meaning of fatherhood and many of them were rewarded for their engaging findings with lunches for two, bottles of wine and gift sets.

“We explored the meaning of fatherhood, and what the job entails,” said Werleman, “and it made the celebration much more meaningful.”





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June 30, 2019
Rona Coster