Captain these seas are rough

In conversation with a friend this week we realizes the challenge: GOA waited too long with all these reforms and now they are voting themselves out of government.

True, they rushed it as much as they could, but it took time to get to the murky bottom, and now that they are taking good steps to remedy, it looks like they are a government from hell.

We fear, they will lose the elections and that the circus with the opposition party will repeat.

It’s the MEP conundrum, Catch 22, they are doomed if they do, and doomed if they don’t.

I hear myself and think that I am just grouchy, but I can’t stop.

Fact: Goa, signed a deal with the Dutch for financial supervision, which I am all for, but now the Dutch hold GOA to those painful obligations, and it’s not making GOA popular.

Fact, MEP signed a coalition agreement with POR, like signing a pact with the devil who now has them by the balls, commanding extra taxes for trash and monopolizing trash collection and disposal.

I believe the coalition will make a deal, POR will help vote in the Sugar Tax and MEP will support the Trash levy imposition. Tit for Tat.

They are selling us down the river.

FACT: They have done nothing to teach this country to reduce, reuse, recycle.

They have done little to reduce GOA’s expenses, on the contrary, they keep hiring more people into service and opening new departments and Sui Generis, to staff them with voters.

While GOA claims it aims at attracting a better, more upscale tourists, it has done everything to make sure we are not able to service them with proper and willing people to serve them.

Ask yourself: Who is the biggest consumer of alcohol and gasoline and possible sugar on this island? 

I am sure that the one million tourists drink more in liquor vs. the 120k of our population. So who are they sin-taxing?

Our visitors, on their gasoline and sugar/liquor consumption.

And while we’re at it, as a bonus, lower AZV costs by introducing Co-Pay.

My friend explained to me they have an issue with overtime, while 50% of GOA’s employees are AO, and demotivated the other 50% are working, and paid overtime, double.  I hope it’s not true and that he’s just being grouchy!!


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September 09, 2019
Rona Coster