Candidates in the public eye

My friends in the media report that some grandfathered candidates, high on the lists of established parties, are asking for political contributions against their TV and/or radio appearances, when the media’s makes an effort to discover who they are in a debate or an unstructured interview.

A great number of political programs have popped up in honor of the upcoming elections, and there is only one reason for that – somewhere, somehow, the exchange of money takes place, either paid to the interviewer or paid to the interviewee.

I can only conclude that media has a price tag.

One of my readers gifted me a two sided cardboard note by PPA, announcing the arrival of CHANGE, in blue collar terms, no more unemployment, no more hunger, no robbing of the pueblo. The card lists a phone number, inviting a call: Would you like to talk, it says, invite me to your home!

PPA is of course an attractive option, the leader of the party has some excellent ideas, coming from the business sector, armed with a business sense, but I am speculating that many of her followers do not have a Dutch passport, and thus will be kept out of the polls.

The PPA bus, while a useful mode of transportation, is clearly a retired De Palm Tours motor-coach. Will that association increase of decrease its acceptance in the barrios?

Going house to house in the neighborhoods past the airport, AVP’s candidate #16, leaving behind a toxic-green, multi-use bag, with an elaborate multi-page printed piece, featuring the Patriarch and the recovered Matriarch in verdant hues on the cover, stating “We’re Here For The Country.”

The piece describes the Rescue of Aruba, without even mentioning once, that the bill from the former rescue attempt is still outstanding.

Apparently AVP has the team and the list, the same dinosaurs from the previous round, plus a sprinkling of new talent and a list of outrageous, fictitious promises, copy & paste 2017.

A blood-boiler follows, a collage of 17 beneficiaries, with Croes as their last name, employed by “Senora Integro,” who never hires any family members, thus discrediting the competition.

Finally, a three-page full profile of candidate #16, a Croes, back from retirement, looking younger, a mother of two, and a grandmother of two – no mention of any same sex marriage or LGBT affiliation. The photo-shopped image of The Woman of the People contains one typo: Parlamenatrio, instead of Parliamentario, but we understand, no one is perfect.

I will recycle the bag as a plant liner, it will look fantastic.

On another note, on FB, I was asked to read a post by Liliana Erasmus, #12 on the Raiz list, it was refreshing, a real person, of course a good writer, I would like to hear more from her, and she will be publishing political posts on her personal page for the next 6 weeks. Which I will follow.

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May 17, 2021
Rona Coster