Can you buy Juicy Flow by the gallon?

Imagine when sex is no longer pleasurable! Yes, there comes a time, in his AND her life, when sex is not the same. All of a sudden it is painful. And no one talks about it, unless you are lucky and an older sister or your mom, shares some valuable information. You think it’s your fault, you write sex off.

Then you somehow find out, it’s not you. It’s lubrication.

The vajayjay is in need of extra moisture.

Who knew?!

One of my neighbors with a degree in Chemistry, confronted the challenge with courage and determination, ending up with Juicy Flow, a water based personal lubricant with Aloe, that tastes great, black cherry, and facilitates the slip n’ slide, at all ages.

No more sandpaper sensation, no more painful penetrations.

Why didn’t I think about it.

Dr. Posner, a medical professional with easy access to the Aruba Aloe labs – blood is thicker than water – decided to gift his wife with a delightful new product.

He tested it with the help of the medical staff at the hospital. They all admitted it improved their sex life, then he put it on sale on the local market under the brand name: Velvet Touch

Juicy Flow has a great distribution network on the island, it is available at the boticas, and it provides a discreet solution to dryness. I asked the good doctor if he could test the product with me and he decline stating he is already busy testing at home!

I also asked what makes Juicy Flow better than other lubricants, and he said: That is for you to tell me, try it and you’ll feel the difference.

Pay attention:  While many people believe that a woman is always lubricated when she is aroused. This is not always true for some, reasons such as stress, lack of sleep and hormones, to name a few that may result in an aroused woman experiencing dryness. That’s were Juicy Flow by Velvet Touch can help. Our natural water based lubricant can take away the uncomfortable, distracting and painful experience dryness can bring. Additional lubrication will greatly improve both comfort and pleasure for the woman as well as her partner.

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March 20, 2017
Rona Coster