Calling for One Bold Move

The MinFec called the other day, to share her lament that she occupies a thankless job, we, her ungrateful spectators are never happy, we did not want the Sugar Tax and GOA listened, yet we repeatedly claim it doesn’t. The September summit, was unprecedented, where GOA for the first time in history sat down with the private sector. GOA is making amazing strides in the right direction, and she the MinFec is at the heart of all those changes, laboring day and night, on stage and behind the scenes, still working when we all take a rest, making tough decisions, setting us up na bon caminda, despite insurmountable obstacles, with the Dutch breathing on her neck, and still we are unhappy! Now, the foreign exchanges tax has our knickers in a bundle, what else can she do to communicate her accomplishments, we don’t even know HALF the chaos that we avoided thanks to her diligent maneuvering, in the finance limbo.  

Forgive the run-on sentence.

But you know, the MinFec is a talker, and when she goes, it is a steady stream.

I assured MinFec we appreciate her efforts, and that we are grateful, because indeed no one wants her job, and no one else would be willing to do what she does.

BUT, and that I did not say, but I am saying it now, digging into our pockets cannot be the only solution to our financial crisis.

You have to share the burden, crack down on the government organization as well, that way the suffering is spread out, and not just a single segment of the market affected.

You do not have to pay bonuses in time of trouble, or a 13th month salary.

It would behoove the MinFec to sit down with all departments heads and review all budget items. You would be surprised how many savings you could find. They do it in the private sector. Sit around the table and go down the line of numbers asking questions.

The devil, as you know, is in the detail. ATA just reviewed its budget making cuts across the board to make sure that at the end of 2020, 30 million would remain of tourism budget to be funneled into GOA’s purse. (Tourism should have a say in how to spend it!)

I already wrote once about energy-efficient bulbs, water saving toilet flushes, smart thermostats, and motion detection devices in charge of cuts when spaces are vacant, we have to take the reduction of expenses seriously, when every penny counts, and mostly make ONE bold move, forget about all small confusing taxes, forms and bureaucracy in favor of a onetime charge, at the port of entry, it’s called direct taxation, we keep talking about it, but not moving to implement it.

Take a few days off, enjoy family members and friends, see you in the New Year.   


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December 28, 2019
Rona Coster