Cabana Beach Resort & Casino celebrates third quarter awards, 2021

Associates and members of management came together for the third quarter award celebration, including the Associate and Supervisor of the Month nominations for July, August & September, and Team of the third quarter selection for 2021.

All nominees and winners were introduced by their supervisors and managers and were publicly praised for their many professional accomplishments. They were presented with elegant engraved plaques, dinner gift certificates at Islander Grill, as well as redeemable resort stars.

The Associates of the Month nominees were invited with their respective managers to the forefront of the room, and enjoyed much-deserved attention and accolades.

July winner Violeta Vargas, Housekeeping, was joined by Rowgan Cobrador, Pool and Beach and Violeta Vargas, Housekeeping, also nominated for their outstanding performance.

August winner Manolo Valdez, Food and Beverage, was flanked by Seferina Werleman, Housekeeping, and Jean Raul Sylla, Kitchen, also nominated for their hard work and dedication.

September winner Lidnery Cruz, Housekeeping, was extolled together with Lidnery Cruz, Housekeeping and Rafael Olivar, Activities, for their enthusiasm and drive.

Winner Rita Maduro, Accounting, was top pick among supervisors, with Adriana Tromp, Housekeeping, as runner up.

Winner, the Owners Services Team, landed top honors among teams, while Accounting, and Housekeeping, were also lauded for their accomplishments.

Winner, Nilda Girigori, Housekeeping, landed the coveted Manager of the Third Quarter award. Congratulations Nilda, you are a most valuable player and a role model.

The celebration included a snack box for everyone present, General Manager Joe Najjar, and Assistant General Manager Jessica Franken reiterated their pride of the high-achievers and encouraged associates to continue making their best efforts to provide guests with outstanding service, from the heart.

The gathering thanked the Departments of Human Resources & Food & Beverage for organizing a much-enjoyed affair. Congratulation to the entire team on a job well done.

Pictured here, snapshot from the event.



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December 04, 2021
Rona Coster