C-Mart welcomes shoppers in Cumana

Boris Cybul is a familiar name on the island, a successful local businessman, the owner of Crown, Casi Nobo, and a few other establishments we see pop up as adz, every time we touch our phones!

Crown has been a good business for almost two decades but during the pandemic sales of big appliances and furniture slowed down and Boris decided to pivot to an essential product.

That’s how C-Mart was conceived.

The building, on the Cumana roundabout was bought from bankruptcy much earlier, 8,000 square meters of floor space. It was designated for furniture at first, but then during the pandemic in has undergone a transformation.

It took almost two years but finally about three weeks ago C-Mart opened to the public to reveal a large food market, a bakery, a liquor store, dry goods, a butcher shop, carrying a large selection of fish and meat, a fresh produce department,  and upstairs, small appliances, some clothing, some furniture, a buffet restaurant, with Dennis of Calloway Catering fame, in charge of Food & Beverage.

The proximity to the highway, the main traffic artery between SN and Oranjestad is promising, besides C-Mart is looking to specialize in Latin American produce and products to fill that niche-need of the island’s Latino customers who live here and long for products made in their counties of origin.

“We have been full every day after 5pm,” Boris says,” which proves the point that local shoppers stop here after work, on their way home. Sunday has also been popular, with families coming in together.”

“We are starting from zero,” he explains, “we know retail very well, but are still learning about the food segment, we went to shows, talked to experts, put our own experience to work, and we are willing to work very hard. My entire team is local, this is a local investment of 27 million florin, and we hope to find the same support we received with Crown, among local customers. “

“And the local banks were helpful, too,” Boris adds.

As soon as the pandemic broke out, the team at Crown sat down with every one of their customers and negotiated payment terms. As a result, they emerged on the other side, intact, and C-Mart seems to be Boris’ mid-life crisis business, things were going well and he needed a new challenge.

He hopes to fix 10 glitches everyday and at that rate, they will achieve success within a reasonable amount of time. They hired 150 people with a positive attitude, Crown employs another 150, and they are determined to serve themselves and the community well.

Alex Cybul, Boris’ brother, is also a successful local businessman in the vacation rental arena, his company manages real estate on the island and enjoys a substantial following of happy owners.

Their 94 year old father is the picture of health and vitality.

The brothers are positioned to stick around for a long time.


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November 16, 2022
Rona Coster