Butts on Fire

You must know by now that people don’t change because they see the light, they change because they feel the heat.

Everyone in Aruba felt the heat on Tuesday/Wednesday.

We’ve seen the video of cars lined up at Urgent Care for an Awg 175 encounter with fate. Katching, Katching, I guess we they found disposable funds to alleviate guilt and stress.

We were bad. And undisciplined. We had Taco’s at Lola’s, let get test.

Anyway, if you’re negative today, you’re not off the hook. You still have to behave and follow the rules, now more than ever.

We need THREE weeks, of everyone on their best behavior to lick this. So while the MinPres closed the rum shops, bars and night clubs until the end of the weekend, this should be extended to three weeks.

If they threaten the greater economy, they have to stay shut to curb temptations!

I asked a private lab about their level of testing and was told that on Tuesday they were at 24% positive and on Wednesday at 8%.

The situation brings many issues to light.

Who pays for employees in quarantine?

If sick, then AO gets paid by SVB, right?

If you were exposed to the virus on the job, and you are on salary subsidy, you get paid anyway.

If you went clubbing, singing at the top of your lungs, sweating and jumping, if you are on salary subsidy, you get paid anyway, and rewarded for bad behavior. Didn’t we tell you to be careful?

And if you went clubbing, and told your employer you might have been infected, and he sent you home, out of gratitude for your honesty, and straightforwardness, your employer will probably opt to pay you, though he is in his right to apply “no work – no pay,” because you put yourself in harm’s way, but he finds himself in the position where he rewards your carelessness and stupidity for fear that other employees would remain hush about their own potential exposure, and infect others!

It’s complicated.

But at the heart of it, if you went clubbing, it is NOT your employer’s business risk, and we should remember that!

Example: If you went Florida and got stung by a bee? Would you stay home to nurse your booboo? Sure, but not on your employer’s dime, it is not within their business risk paradigm; so no-work-no-pay!

Employers are no cash cows.

And it doesn’t matter how many articles appear in the media lecturing that the private sector “mester acepta perdida enorme di loke ta bay perdi,” that is all hogwash. Hotel no ta cumpli manera trahadornan a spera?

How about trahadornan no ta cumpli manera hotel a spera?!  

If we do not safeguard our businesses and protect them from excessive losses, we have no future!

Labor laws must be addressed.


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August 06, 2020
Rona Coster