I melancholically wrote about relocating friends recently and it’s heartwarming to also experience returns. The official press release says it all:

In late June Bucuti & Tara Beach resort announced the return of former executive team contributor Susan Logan to the resort.  Logan will oversee sales, marketing, e-commerce and related projects for Bucuti & Tara from her Florida-based firm Logan Hospitality.

Logan is quite familiar with the resort having worked there more than 20 years before leaving in 2009. Over the past decade, her work in hospitality has included owning and managing two successful restaurants and working with Booking.com. Most recently she served as the Director of Distribution, Reservations, & Revenue Management for a collection of over 600-member hotels at Historic Hotels of America – Historic Hotels Worldwide.

“It’s an absolute pleasure returning to Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. The property is one of the world’s best with its well-trained dedicated team led by visionary leader Ewald Biemans who values innovation, sustainability, re-investment and possesses a clear understanding of true hospitality,” says Susan Logan. “I look forward to contributing new perspectives from my industry experiences to attract and please Bucuti & Tara guests.”  

Wow, worked here for 20 years was away for 10, couldn’t stay away any longer, that’s such a great story! Welcome back Susan.

From my recollections Susan was among the first on the island to grasp how technology is changing our lives and our way of doing business. She was among pioneer hotel executives here to totally embrace and master the mysteries of the internet and its vast possibilities, she served as advisor on anything e- to the tourism authority and hotel association and lived in the 21st century long before its introduction.

We’re fortunate to have you back.

There’s something about the water here, once you have a sip, you’re bound to return.  

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July 25, 2018
Rona Coster