Bringing More Modern Design Home

dsc04674Artist couple Elisa and Chris (Bonki) Lejuez, favor modern design. Their custom-built residence and art gallery on Malmokweg is testimony to their modern design preferences.

Just as the outside is linear and minimal, the inside space is not confined by traditional walls, or a predictable layout, the clutter-free kitchen flows into the dining room and then into the living space, under very tall ceilings offering an airy and roomy contemporary residence overlooking an elongated pool with tasteful tropical landscaping.

Elisa reports that the elegant black leather couches bought ten years ago, held up well, and continue to serve the couple paired with two brand new pieces, bought at EQ3 Furniture + Accents Salinja Cerca Strip Mall.

The Lejuez bought the NEST series Cocktail Table whose table top provides a perfect match to their raw concrete floor and a Plasma Unit matching the rest of the décor in color and style.  

“We found the design original and it goes well with our leather couches; the two tone table, goes well with floor,” remarks Elisa while Chris was impressed with the fast delivery, just one hour after purchase, the two pieces were home delivered.

Both agree, the quality is terrific.

Pictured here, Elisa and Chris Lejuez in their living room, with their purchases which seem as if they were always there.

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May 26, 2009
Rona Coster