Bringing football back to the people

I saw some news items regarding the return of football to Aruba, and I know for a fact that it never left, my son has been playing in the dirt since the day he was born and he still does, under rough circumstances on ZERO budget, in unbearable conditions. But he has grit, he is passionate about soccer and plays in a Veterano league, anyway.

This country doesn’t invest in players, doesn’t invest in fields, zilch coaching, zero training, nada.

We are a FIFA nation, in principle I believe we get money, but where is it? Where does it go??

We don’t have a national team, we never get to play against other countries, players are NOT paid any money, perhaps a little gift, a scouter or short term accommodations, all sponsorships are hush-hushed, no legal and organizational framework for that, no love, no care, in one word: Pathetic.

And in spite of ZERO attention to the sport and its amazing character building potential and crime prevention benefits Koyari meets Bubali every once in a while, playing in a dust bowl between rusty crossbars and goal posts, torn nets, and makes a little money from bar sales, beer, croquets and pastechi.

No one invests anything in kid soccer, girl soccer, youth soccer. And to add insult to injury the Minister of Justice is buying 500 bullet proof vests, instead of buying a few balls, resurfacing a few fields, paying serious coaches, regulating sponsorship and thereby reducing crime, that would turn the purchase of bullet proof vests redundant. Unnecessary.

Some recent developments, after a long time:



The SETAR phone book is reprinting, it announced that July 30th is the last day to enter changes in the way information is presented in the local phonebook. Perhaps the time has come to STOP the printing of obsolete phonebooks and use the money saved to promote soccer. Setar think about it, instead of doing same old, same old, wasteful printing of information easily available on FB, funnel the money to soccer under SERIOUS management, under Gerardo de Veer, the most consummate soccer fan and supporter I know.

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July 19, 2021
Rona Coster