Biodegradable or Compostable

The other day I watched my car being wiped dry at an automated car wash. With time on my hand, I sauntered over to the fast-food restaurant on that same block, and ordered a tall, cool, drink.

It came with a plastic straw.


How is that possible? Didn’t we ban these? Didn’t GOA introduce a law back in October 1st, 2020, to eliminate that nuisance?

In addition to eliminating the single use, high litter plastic bags, widely used in the to-go universe.

That law came into effect on January 1st, 2017.

BUT, at the time, law-makers did not tackle the crystal-clear PET plastic containers in which our greens, fruit and veggies come packed in, so we still see a lot of those in the supermarkets.

Tara Eco Supplies has alternatives, plus a lot more to help us live a more sustainable life, and crack down on waste going to the landfill.

I visited there to see what’s on their shelves. Stephy Qing, Director of Purchasing, taught me that if I buy biodegradable cutlery for example, it is still made of PLA plastic, meaning that it perhaps created less waste at the manufacturing phase, but it still needs to be treated in a special composting facility, as waste, and if there isn’t one, it just goes to the landfill, so please buy compostable products, whenever you can, forget about the biodegradable, they are almost as bad as PET plastic.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Tara Eco Supplies, Stephy explains, and you are invited to visit the warehouse in Bushiri, check it out yourself.

Hotel and Restaurant Supplies = They have a huge selection of compostable and biodegradable produces, cups, bowl & lids, take out boxes, straws and cutlery. The good stuff is made of bamboo and wood, all plant-based, sustainably-made materials, which don’t add to our global waste problem. Tara Eco Supplies carry hypoallergenic cleaning supplies that will never irritate hands or skin, from dish soap to floor cleaners and special disposable paper products that simply melt away.  Among other sustainable non-food items, sun screens and blocks

Covid protection technology  = From disposable masks to UV lamps and air purifier, air filters, ozone machines, everything you would need to mitigate the risk of infectious diseases, at home and in the business environment.

Food and beverage products = Tara Eco specializes in organic, vegan and gluten free foods, including world famous Katz gluten free products, with a special interest in Japanese products. Meat, chicken, fish, desserts, baked good, “Aruba” bottled water and Maui ice cream and tropical cocktail mixes.

Water saving toilets = I learned that Niagara Conservation toilets create a flush that used the least amount of water while delivering a powerful, quiet performance. Don’t get a new toilet unless it is a water saving toilet.

Our mission, says Stephy, is to provide sustainable products for a better world, we take the watchwords of sustainability – reduce, reuse, recycle – seriously, and our ultimate goal is a zero-waste economy.


Back to the restaurant which served me a straw. I complained on their website and asked Juliet from Impact Blue, an NGO, to add them on the list going to City Inspector. Juliet will call them first, of course, but the law must be enforced.


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July 29, 2022
Rona Coster