Between a concerned reader and a cranky columnist

Dear Bati Bleki,

I read your columns often and I am wondering maybe you can answer: We have the highest government debt per capita, highest loss of economy, lowest level of investment, considerable level of overweight among locals and zero action on behalf of GOA to dramatically reduce financial waste or improve the quality of service.

Every time I attempt to call Setar at 113, I get the Coast Guard at 913. Just an example.

And one of our parliamentarians, you mentioned it yesterday, and it is still eating at me, compared Nelson Mandela’s fight against Apartheid with Aruba’s quest for leniency and free money from the Dutch.

Why doesn’t GOA say one word about the injustices inflicted upon the people of Aruba and their businesses for 35 years, by wasting public funds amounting to more than 50 BILLION florins?

All this money has been produced by hard working Arubans, paid to GOA dutifully, trusting that this would go to good use. In vain. We now know the truth. The money went down the drain. 50Bs.

If anybody steals a bread they get arrested. Why is nobody, except the Dutch, acting accordingly?

We have been on hold since March 14th!

Sincerely yours, a Concerned Reader

Dear Reader,

That parliamentarian is a moron.

Sincerely yours, a cranky Columnist

Dear Bati Bleki,

Perhaps I am, or they all are. Morons, that is.

Why doesn’t anybody else understand that we could never afford our island’s overhead even when things were going honkey dory. All we have done in the past months is lose many more millions per day compared to the 1M a day we were losing earlier.

Sincerely yours, same Concerned Reader

Dear Reader,

Enough. I have no clue. I don’t want to hear. Leave me alone. Something must be wrong with US if only you and I feel that way. The MinPres warned against negative people, last night at the press conference, she was very stern, she warned against negative thoughts that tarnish Aruba’s image, she lectures extensively about people who speak badly about the island, and damage our name.

AND…. one of my readers just told me I must NOT love Aruba, and that is the reason I keep nagging. I am not a patriot, she says.

I am done with you, and your litany of complaints.

Sincerely yours, same cranky Columnist

Dear Bati Bleki,

I understand you are having a tough time, but I am far from being negative. Not accepting reality is simply denial. We can never start a positive reconstruction without accepting reality first. Often things left unsaid only create more problems and pain.

Examples? The untold truths about spousal abuse, child abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, overeating, dysfunctional leaders… just to name a few.

Healing can only start when we face and accept the truth.

What are you suggesting? Stay quiet, let the Madre Patria resolve all our issues for us?

Sincerely yours, continuously Concerned Reader

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August 18, 2020
Rona Coster