Better Late Than Never

I hooked up with Michella #12 on the POR list late in the game, just before elections, but it was nevertheless an opportune occasion. We talked for two hours, and could have gone on, but her husband and kids showed up to collect her, and we parted ways, vowing the reconnect.

Michella is a school teacher, she worked for a number of years in the Netherlands, she is married to a teacher and passionate about education. Disillusioned with the system, she opted to join POR and see if she could bring about some change.

And by system she means the need to photocopy books at the beginning of each year, because otherwise there will be no books, the long and complicated route a purchase order must travel before a teacher receives any of his/her needed supplies, and in general the lack of structure and accountability in education.

So she worked very hard, campaigning since January, and for the closing of her campaign she orchestrated a book drive for a number of schools on the island, for KIA and imeldahof, SPO Savaneta, and SPO Santa Cruz. I still have books for your Michella, for the next round. P.S. Her campaign concluded with 68 votes, but she is a woman to watch!

But the elections took place what seems like a lifetime, and coalition talked are ongoing. I hope POR can make room for members of the upcoming generation, in the future, so we, as a country, could benefit from Michella’s positive energy and enthusiasm.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Michella is an offspring to a political family. Her paternal grandfather was a deputy for AVP, her maternal grandfather, Fichi Croes, was the Gezaghebber for Aruba under Juancho Yrausquin.  He started his political career with AVP then left the party with Juancho to create PPA. Apparently, later on, MEP was founded in his living room, on Papilon 74, and Michella remembers Betico Croes and her grandfather brainstorming.   Her mom Diane was part of the AVP talent pool in the Tico Croes era. And she has been in the Otmar Oduber court for many years.  So now you understand that Michella’s DNA is laced with political activism.

Did I say beautiful, ambitious, intelligent and educated? Yep, that too.

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October 11, 2017
Rona Coster