Beach walk from Calbas and a perfect Sunday Happy Hour

We walked a charming downhill trail from the top of the ridge in Calbas, to the other wild side of the island, first down then up, a total of 50 minutes.

It was Sunday afternoon, we started at 5pm, then at 6pm, we headed to Mi Dudu, on the Moko road for sunset happy hour.

That’s a perfect combo.

Driving instructions?

From the Moko road, past the colorful Calbas Residence, take a left up the hill to the top, where you find the water well. The road takes a sharp right to Jaburibari, but you should turn left. The road meanders a bit. Make the first right, reach a sand road, roll a bit further and stop at the abandoned horse ranch with a drop dead gorgeous local stone wall.

The walk downhill is easy, the trail is clearly marked, then you get to a fork in the road, both options are good, we took one down, the other up.

The path leads to the edge of Wariruri Bay, but it doesn‘t have a specific name on the map. There is a clapboard rancho on the beach, and the area is squeaky clean.

What sets this place apart is the mysterious owner/occupant of the rancho.

As you know, our ‘wild side’ is dotted with ranchos built from reclaimed wood. Those ranchos serve families for beach picnics and camping purposes, some are very elaborate and count a number of rooms, including sleeping bunks, a kitchen and a make-shift toilet.

I have no doubt that the mysterious owner/occupant of that rancho we visited on Sunday is a neat freak. He outlined all trails leading down to “his” beach with stones and driftwood, and created a series of totem poles made with plastic junk and debris. As you walk down the hill, you may admire his tall cactus sculpture garden. We took pictures along the way, some are super striking!

Arriving at the beach we were invited to look around. There were a few people in the Rancho on that afternoon, just chatting, hanging, no domino, no drinking, perhaps their families left early.

The place is swept clean, and organized, and while you cannot swim in the boca, you can wriggle your grateful toes in the water.

Then we went up the hill back to our cars. More pictures of artistic cactus totem poles, and two huffing and puffing mountain bike riders, we met on the way.

I had two almost frozen Polar beers at Mi Dudu, and some conch croquettes. This is living!

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July 01, 2017
Rona Coster