Beach Cleaning Rincon

We met up at Boca Grandi for a post oil spill Beach Cleaning on Sunday 7am.

Of course you remember that on April 23, over 300 barrels of the black crude leaked into the Gulf of Paria from Petrotrin’s Pointe-a-Pierre refinery. It drifted and arrived here at the end of May. We had a month to prepare, but nothing happened, then the oil balls hit the beach, luckily, on the wild side, spreading gook on the beaches from Santana Cacho to Cap, located just before Andicuri.

In reality the island tourist-beaches dodged the bullet, they were spared, we were very lucky.

Parke Arikok Park announced 6 cleaning actions, and we signed up for the last one, yesterday. I posted a message to recruit volunteers and we had a great response, for two-three solid hours the beach had dozens of people cleaning, and we made a difference.

Carl Quant, from Parke Arikok coordinated the effort. He brought some of the rangers along, Jentje and Acuario, two big sweethearts. They were well organized, getting us to park one place and shuttling us to the area we were assigned to, Rincon.

Rincon is a most gorgeous stretch of white beach, at the end of Grapefield beach, half way between KIA and the Windmills.

Two things I learned:

  1. We will have to go out there regularly. More comes in everyday, and a lot got buried by the incoming sand carried on the wings of wind. If you sit by the water and dig, the tar balls make an appearance. At first I thought that some of those black lumps were just black stones, the tar balls masquerade as natural pebbles, it is sometimes hard to tell which is which, and I had to question every single one to reveal its true identity. One of our volunteers started digging in the sand and the lump surfaces, soft and gooey!
  2. When and if you go, do yourself a favor, and take a bucket along, the plastic bags are a nuisance! My spaghetti colanders were also useful. Get soft gloves, not garden gloves,

PLASTIC NATION: We live in an incredible gorgeous place and the plastic on the wild side is appalling. It’s not always our mess, but it needs to be cleaned up. My suggestion is KIA. I think we can get some volunteers among the prisoners. Spend 3 hours cleaning the beach, the outing itself is enjoyable, and the fresh sea air intoxicating. This is not a humiliating task. And I think it is a good idea, to use that man power behind walls – at least the well-behaved portion of the prison population!

Thank you Carl, Jentje and Acuario, for an excellent job. Imagine Carl started working for the park the day the oil balls hit the shore, and he hasn’t stopped cleaning since.

Thank you Shoco Beer for providing delicious cold ones for the crew. Long Legged Lager and Blood Orange Blond taste incredible at 10am, after three hours of bending. We also stopped at Kamini’s for lunch, which complemented the Sunday morning experience.

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June 26, 2017
Rona Coster