Bati Bleki Buzz, Weekly Recap, October 13th, 2019

The world according to sheep

I’m back.

East, west, home is best!

I read very little about Aruba while away, so in the next few days I am inviting readers to update me, and I promise to do my share in reading the buckets of poorly-written press-releases, circulated by the authorities in the media and treating us like sheep.

Like we have zero intelligence.

Aruba got the keys of the refinery and terminal back, gushed a nicely laid-out publication. Congratulation dear sheep, GOA reached an MOU with CITGO, the first step towards identifying other interested investors. This is a great achievement for GOA, which comes at very opportune times, as the island is being pressured by the Dutch, to burden the sheep with additional measures.

But, GOA believes in alternatives, the publication went on, and that’s why it’s so overjoyed by this bit of fresh air, a new opportunity for our country. Congrats Aruba.

On social media the item was followed by dozens, hundreds of baaing sheep, bleating their approval, and congratulating the wisdom and cunning of the MinPres.

So fun, so great, we have our precious grandmother of a refinery back, we let Valero off the hook for the massive, costly cleanup, got in bed with an impotent crook, now the hot potato is back in our lap, that’s just fantastic.

Needless to say that CITGO had a different version, which my friends were fast to forward.

According to them, CITGO Aruba Holding and GOA agreed to ‘temporary suspend’ the contract until conditions in Venezuela become ideal.

Lmao, until conditions in Venezuela become ideal, that would probably happen circa 2069, not before, so, we get the keys temporarily, until a democratic transition is ongoing across the border, then the contract resumes!!

It is still binding, and no, we cannot identify other magical interested investors, because we’re still attached at the hip to the crooks.

Why can’t they say that to the sheep?

Very opportune times? Really. We’re reached 90% debt to GDP.

As the island is pressured by the Dutch, to burden the sheep with additional measures?

That is not what the Dutch are saying.

They are saying: Cut your expenses. Tighten YOUR belt, turn off lights, shower with a friend.

Make Aruba’s government leaner.

Sheep understand that, and CAN read between lines.

A Purchase of a Souvenir at T.H. Palm & Company, Rewarded with a Return Trip to Aruba

Jodi Putnam, from Boston Ma., her beloved older sister to Aruba just recently using her complimentary round-trip airfare to enjoy a 1-week stay at Playa Linda Beach Resort, all courtesy of The Salamander Group!

The famous retailer has been offering an annual free trip to Aruba through a raffle on its flyers and ads at its most popular location: T.H. Palm & Company, Playa Linda Beach Resort.  

Of the thousands of raffle entries, Jodi Putnam, a repeat visitor to the island, had the winning ticket, which she filled out with her purchase of a souvenir at T.H. Palm & Company!

Jodi was very pleased when the phone call from Aruba announced that her dream of a complimentary round-trip airfare and a 1-week stay at the Playa Linda Beach Resort had just become a reality.

The call came in January, and the sisters managed to get here recently, in September.

Jodi and her sister were warmly greeted at the resort upon check-in. The following day they loved using a surprise shopping spree gift certificate at T.H. Palm & Company, where a photo was taken of them surrounded by enthusiastic sales associates.

They were also given a special gift, Island Life, a book by Rona Coster, with the author present to sign it. The book is available for sale at T.H. Palm & Company. 

Visitors may win a free return trip to the island, by filling out an entry ticket when visiting T.H. Palm & Company at Playa Linda Beach Resort.  

The Kitchen Table, moving to Paradise Beach Resort on October 29, 2019.

The Kitchen Table cooking studio has moved to its new location at Paradise Beach Villas.

There, as customary, the 7-8 course gastronomic journey will start with sparkling wine on the patio of its new location at Paradise Beach Villas as of 6.45 pm.

Around 7.00 pm guests will be guided to the second floor dining room, for a memorable culinary experience, just above popular Asi es mi Peru, restaurant.

The concept remains the same and includes extraordinary, elegant and exquisite dishes from the Caribbean, in addition to Peruvian fusion and international favorites.

With 16 seats, offering flawless hospitality, the restaurant is now accepting reservations, starring October 29th, with the exception of Sundays and Mondays, December 25 and January 1st.

Looking forward to hosting you at The Kitchen Table.   

Jan van Nes/ GM/Owner – +297-5932173 –

Appreciation Week offered a fun team bonding experience

At the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, the Sales Team was challenger to create a performance, entertaining fellow Team Members, in honor of Appreciation Week.

The creative bunch, usually in charges of events, weddings and celebrations came up with a fun idea, a dunk tank, and scheduled its dozen members on the collapsible hot seat.

The 36 chances to hit the target were raffled off among Team Members, resulting in 35 aborted attempts to hit the target, but the thirty-sixth ball launched by a female front desk agent with an impressive arm, resulted in the ball hitting the target and plopping one of the sales team members, right in the water.

Then the cheering crowd challenged the General Manager to take the seat and risk getting dunked. He answered the challenge like a good sport, but his hopes to remain dry were dashed when the same slugger from the front desk took aim.

Resort Team Members are the essences of what the Hilton does and carry the largest share of its success, thus Appreciation Week is designed to serve them as a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences, besides the obvious fun!

Organized by the Blue Energy Committee, Team Members activities delivered an engaged and engaging agenda, as part as a global drive of Blue Energy Culture.

Opening October 9th, Allegra Bistro at the Mill Resort

The Mill Resort is destined to become a COURTYARD RESORT BY MARRIOTT in the very near future. It has been undergoing major improvements on its journey to be reflagged as a branded property of 158 stylish hotel rooms and 24 timeshare units, used by the resort’s long-time vacation-ownership clients.

Most of the guests-rooms are almost completely done having received a fresh and elegant design, and the main restaurant, Allegra Bistro, currently in its soft-opening phase, has just been shown to press members and a group of selected invitees.

The tastefully decorated bistro offers indoor and outdoor seating, serving breakfast, lunch & dinner from a state of the art open exhibition kitchen.

General Manager Vicky Perez, Food & Beverage Manager Gino Schwengle and Chef Pierre Fingal presented a nicely conceptualized food & beverage operation to their guests at both press and public events and explained Allegra Bistro will become an investment benchmark for other similar properties in Latin and South American.

Pictured here, images from the press conference, with food by chef Fingal and wines by Divino NV, introducing the emBRAZEN wines feature Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and a Red Blend made by winemaker Olivia Teutschel, and pay tribute to the achievements of Josephine Baker, Nellie Bly and Celia Cruz. The brand’s Living Wine Labels app allows each to speak directly to wine lovers and consumers.

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October 13, 2019
Rona Coster