Bati bleki Buzz Weekly Recap May 13th, 2018

Another much-needed Mash, Spay & Neuter Drive, is coming our way May 26 to 30, 2018

United Dogs Aruba is organizing another mass Spaying & Neutering with the goal of performing 400 operations in four days May 24 to 30.the month. Sign up on their website to help or make a donation, we need all the help they can get.

The Mash will take place in Noord and will be housed in the defunct post office building behind Island Finance.

Just ahead of the mass spaying and neutering 15 volunteers of Luna Caring Team, visited a number of neighborhood to identify potential four-legged clients.

Zoey Zoraida Conijn, a woman who rescues dogs and cats every day was responsible for that one, she called it The Big Feed.

The idea was the offer food, then collar and tag the strays with a red Luna ID disc, now dangling from their new neckbands. Zoey reports her volunteers fed, collared, tagged and registered 83 strays, which will then be trapped by Criollo Trappers, and invited to the Mash. “We marked down their locations and Criollo Trappers will follow up, find them and get them spayed/neutered. That’s the only way to have less unwanted animals on our streets,” she explains.

The seven large Purina dog food bags use for the Big Feed were donated by tourist who are FB friends of Luna Caring Team.

Overall, Zoey says she is proud to repot the situation in Noord is much improved, while San Nicholas is still problematic, with lots of strays on the street procreating without any efforts made by the residents to curb their proliferation.   

Zoey also adds: “We also saw a few sick ones and will go back to offer our help. Some owned strays are also in need of a more caring home, that too will be taken care of.”

She is a woman with a big heart, and big hair!

Together we will make a difference!! #LOVELUNA #THEBIGFEED2018

From the United Dog Website: “We organized our first Spay and Neuter project in May 2017. For 2018, we will again be arriving with a team of veterinary surgeons and technicians to perform the surgeries. We are planning a 4-day clinic to successfully sterilize up to 400 dogs. Our focus will be stray dogs and we need help from a large number of local volunteers.”

If you go to the website you will find their wish list of supplies needed for the 2018 project. People can help in different categories, from medical supplies to catering; to run this project they will need 40 – 60 volunteers daily.

Most importantly, for every $20 donated, one dog will receive the necessary medication and be sterilized.

Do you want to join? Download the volunteer form or sign up here!

Informative meeting on stem cell therapy by Colombian specialist

Colombian stem cell specialist Carlos Guerrero Silva will be hosting an informative meeting on the innovative and very successful new way of healing with stem cell technology. Patients who are suffering from a wide array of diseases, such as arthritis, arthrosis, fibromyalgia, lupus, reumatoid arthritis, degenerative diseases and neurological afflictions, might wish to learn more about the possibilities for healing or for pain reduction through stem cell therapy. The informative meeting will take place in the Multi Functionele Accomodatie (MFA) Paradera on Wednesday, May 16, starting at 7.30 pm – everyone is welcome to attend.

Several patients from Aruba, who have benefited from the stem cell therapy at Dr. Guerrero’s clinic in Bogota, will attend the meeting; they will share their personal experiences. The meeting will be held in English and Spanish.

The general idea behind stem cell therapy is the introduction of healthy stem cells (taken from bone marrow) into the body by injection. The healthy cells combat and conquer the diseased cells, hereby ensuring great improvement of mobility, decreasing pain and improving the feeling of well-being.

For a more in-depth article on stem cell therapy, please go to Dr. Carlos’ Facebook page and/or website 

Stem cell therapy: the future is here!

The use of stem cells for regeneration of cartilage and joints is a relatively new way of healing, as used by Dr. Carlos Guerrero Silva in his Stemwell Clinic in Bogota, Colombia. His successful treatments are lessening pain in patients with arthrosis and arthritis, but also in patients with auto-immune diseases such as rheumathoid arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia. Stem cells are harvested from the bone marrow or from belly fat of the patient; they are then injected into the affected areas, hereby initiating the process of tissue regeneration and healing.

Diseases such as degenerative arthrosis and arthritis are causing major problems in public health on a global scale; they often leave patients with severe physical handicaps and lots of pain. But help is on the way. Below you will find often-asked questions and answers by Dr. Guerrero.

What entails the treatment with stem cells at your clinic?

The process consists of three phases: first, the initial preparation of the body for ortomolecular treatment. This means that the cells are detoxed and made receptive for the stem cells that will be introduced. At the same time shock waves and laser treatments prepare the body. Afterwards a series of shock waves, laser treatments or massages and physical therapy will keep the stem cells active.

The body is prepared for reception of the stem cells with IV’s with mega-doses Vitamin C as well as several antioxidants that are produced by the body itself. After the introduction of the stem cells IV’s with anti-inflammatory fluids are preventing any swelling or pain.

How is the bone marrow obtained?

Dr. Guerrero:  In the operating room, the patient is injected with a local anesthesia before the bone marrow is harvested. At times the bone marrow needs to go straight to the lab because the marrow needs to be concentrated and the cells need to be split and activated. In these cases, special laser and special enzymes are used. Four or five hours after the stem cells have been introduced in the knees, shoulders, hips, backbone or any other areas, the patient can move normally. Often the patient will be energized and without any major pain.

When will the patient feel better?

Almost immediately. During the first week the patient will feel less pain, he or she can move better and be more active. It is advised, however, to stay quiet during the first 48 hours after stem cell therapy; after that patients can start moving about normally. The entire process of cell renewal will take about six months. Preferably the treatment will be continued after a certain period of time, probably with plasma injections.

Who may benefit from stem cell treatment?

Dr. Guerrero: There is no age limit, but candidates for stem cell therapy should not be undergoing chemotherapy or have contagious diseases. Regenerative diseases and auto-immune diseases can be treated with stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy will improve the quality of life, but of course there is not any guarantee about healing a certain disease. We do have a high success rate, however’

Stemwell Clinic has been treating patients for five years now, with many happy clients as its best recommendation.

For more information about taking steps into a better, less painful future, please send your mail to [email protected].

Balancing Community Work and Volunteerism

The QuiVit Center on Hospitalstraat was once a kindergarten. Then the kids dispersed and the building remained empty. In walks Sofie Slegers with a clear plan, and while she never aspired to run a community center, she knew exactly what to do and how-to inject life into the facility sharing the courtyard with the SABA nursing home.

More than a decade ago Sofie started volunteering at SABA at the wake of a personal loss of a parent. She wanted to alleviate some of the health and mental issues attached to nursing home life.

She got a bunch of volunteers to take the San Michael Paviljoen residents for an outing in their wheelchairs, from Saba, to the Seaport Village for coffee and cake.

I remember seeing her caravan of pushers and wheelchair-bound patients, down Wilhelminastraat, enjoying fresh air and distraction.

The outings got replaced by volunteer Qi Gong exercise sessions, in all three of SABA’s facilities. Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese medical philosophy that promotes wellness and healing through movement, breathing, massage, diet and visualization. Those five elements make sure our internal organs, the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys, are in top shape circulating blood and nutrients and expelling toxins and waste.

It’s all about movement and circulation, and Sofie wanted to spread that gospel around.

Soffie says she started out with two elderlies at the YMCA in San Nicholas, and she now meets 43 every week, they chatter incessantly but they move and have a good time, maintaining their health and their spirits.

If you go to the Qi Gong Facebook page you will get a lot of information about classes available at a nominal fee:

There are also Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes conducted by Sofie at many other unexpected places – Holiday Inn, La Cabana, etc.

She says she enjoyed her freedom, her nomad wellness sessions.

Then last year the building on Hospitalstraat became available, Sofie shouldered the challenge and by attraction not promotion, the facility started collecting Yoga, Nutrition, Reiki, Music and Massage professionals.

Famous Enlightenment Advocate, Meditation & Yoga Teacher Shanti receives clients there, so does Life Coach Reyana Alwani who recently decided to share her personal experience with health and nutrition with our community.

Cas Marie uses the facility to entertain and interact with clients suffering from dementia living in the downtown area.

The music room hosts a group of mentally challenged kids for noise and self-expression sessions every week.

The residents of SABA can come in a few times a week for free Foot Reflexology, Arts & Crafts lessons, and Chair Yoga. They love it.

SABA staffers enjoy refresh course at how to manage their emotional, physical and spirituals selves.

The center collects some money from Reiki and Tai Chi students and gives it back to the community by keeping the doors open and paying the upkeep.

Drop in for a Healthy Smoothie Nutrition Class, or Prenatal exercise.

I learned a lot, about dragons and tigers and about the exact location of my vital organs, and their function. Who knew?!   


Triple Crown for Joe Najjar

Joe recently came back from a Bluegreen leadership conference where he landed three recognitions, a Sustainability Award for which La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino was audited and awarded a full accreditation, and the Outstanding Achievement in Hospitality Award 2017. This recognition was won the second year in a row. Best of all, Joe landed the General Manager of the Year title.

It is good to note that Bluegreen has 60 resorts spread out across the USA & Caribbean.

At the conference, Joe represented his hotel and joyfully accepted the handsome engraved plaques on behalf of his associates. Then he left them behind to be shipped to Aruba, so we will have pictures when the awards get here; he promises to throw a party, upon their arrival!

If you recall last year Joe was awarded the Rock Star Award, given to just one General Manager each year, in appreciation of outstanding leadership and management skills. This year he exceeded that achievement and landed the ultimate title.

Joe is a humble, leader-servant, and in hanging around La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino for the past years, one can clearly see that he is a salt-of the earth kind of man, with a clear vision for the future of his resort, and the complete road map how get there. A strong communicator and a passionate hotelier, Joe has been at the helm at the complex for almost 12 years, and it shows. Both external and internal clients appreciate and admire his dedication and drive.  

Congratulations Joe, call us when the awards get here for a picture opportunity!

Curious Minds Want to Know

At the end of April, I circulated a question among ministers and leaders, yet no one answered. This was my question: Bon Día & Bon Siman. I recently heard that our new Noord Chief of Police Gino Winklaar has been transferred to St Nicholas after just eight months here; one of the first decisions made by Andrew Hoo as our new Chief of Police. What do you make of it? I thought Winklaar served the hotels well! Especially starting to move on the Beach Policy. What kind of message is that to the community? I really want to understand. As far as I see it, Winklaar was the only chief in Noord to ever show personal interest in the hotels and their enforcement needs. Of course, there is a lot I don’t know. I accept that. But it looks like his beach policy enforcement got him into trouble and he is being ‘punished’ by exile. Can you explain, if otherwise? Tks.

Then there was silence. No one said a word. Except the MinJust that answered: “I passed on your concerns to the Chief of Police.”


Gandelman, shows off David Yurman Mother’s Day gifts

Gandelman at the Renaissance Mall Aruba, hosted a champagne reception in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, helping us pick a gift of timeless beauty from the classic DY best sellers, gorgeous pearls and new standout styles. The store was graced with a nice crowd of shoppers looking to find the perfect gift to express what’s in their hearts, on Sunday.

As a teenager, David Yurman learned to sculpt using a torch. This special sculpting technique led him from the world of fine art to wearable art −and finally since the 70s, to founding one of America’s most renowned jewelry design houses.

Jonna Gandelman was on hand to welcome guests to the store and help introduce Brenda Kenney, the DY representative to local fans of the brand.

I liked the new Solari Bead bracelets and rings, which come in silver and in 18K gold. Also, the new Barrel Charm pendants are bold and colorful, and could be worn as day and nighttime bijoux. The Chatelaine collection of pendants and earrings looks very charming and playful. Off course, the cable bracelets, and the crossover bracelets are classics, with lots of different options, colored gems, and pearls diamond cabochons. DY is big on pearls this year, they are everywhere in earrings, charms, bracelets, even on the Stax cuffs and rings.

I read on line that in 1958 at the age of 15, David Yurman learned direct welding from sculptor Ernesto
Gonzalez. The technique, developed by Picasso and Julio Gonzales, involves melting thin
metal rods with an acetylene torch to create forms that are linear yet three-dimensional.
The method was aptly described by the sculptors as “drawing in space.” David Yurman based his artistry on that technique and he still draws continuously, always carrying a pencil and pad with him, for inspirations.

Mother’s Day shopping frenzy at Rage Silver

I think we should celebrate Mother’s Day every day, and not wait for a special occasion. The same should apply to Father’s Day, and family day! That said, the local stores make it fun to shop this past ten days, especially Rage Silver at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall, hosting a shopping night Wednesday, and pouring bubbly, over hors d’oeuvres and macaroons. Some of their popular brands, such as Chamilia beads and charms by Swarovski, Ti Sento Milano, UNOde50, and Beck Jewels, make amazing gifts, and store owner Marny Wever promoted her own bijoux by wearing different pieces every ten minutes! Husband Cedrick Wever walked around topping flutes.

The celebrity of the night was Beck originally from Curacao and shoppers were scooping up the new styles. Marny reported to me that the designer’s pieces are now marketed internationally and can be found at famed Barney’s fashion stores from Madison Avenue in New York to San Francisco and in select shops in Greece, Dubai, Sweden, you name it. “She has been one of my suppliers from the start,” Marny says, “and I am happy to say, that Aruba contributes nicely to her business.”

From the designer’s website: Designer Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz combines unique artistic elements from her upbringing on the idyllic Caribbean island of Curaçao with the cultural influences of her city home. The jewelry is inspired by the vibrant lifestyle of the Dutch Caribbean and deeply influenced by the cultural melting pot that is New York City.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted in Brooklyn, a testament to Rebecca’s passion for quality and sustainability. Committed to sourcing gemstones for their healing and transformative properties, each piece tells a unique story shaped by her travels and love of art, color, history and culture

Barbulet Concierge is Open for Business

Freya Kraag has been the Managing Director at Barbulet Concierge for four years. Freya recognized the growing niche market of Vacation Rentals and is now providing concierge services to visitors staying in alternative accommodations, the small boutique hotels and guest houses.

I thought she was onto something when she resigned her corporate job in 2014, and started working for herself because, that Alternative Accommodation market experienced a 30% growth between February 2013 and February 2014, with 348,963 visitors staying in apartments and private homes in that period.

The number has since dropped a bit but remains significantly high, 286,971 visitors in 2016 and 222,372 in 2017.

And that is the market targeted by Barbulet Concierge for grocery delivery, private chef services, and other VIP needs, car rentals, accommodation searches, airport transportation, lifesaving babysitting, disability needs, on island activities and restaurant reservations.

Just ask, and Freya and her diligent team will provide answers. They have excellent resources such as Chefs, Romance Specialists, Event planners, and Photographers in their network, which can be mobilized by a phone call.

Barbulet recently invited a select group of collaborators to its official launch party in a beautiful residence in Opal, pool side, over cocktails and exclusive hors d’oeuvres to violin music, at sunset.

It was a much-enjoyed social gathering that marked the debut of Barbulet Concierge as a one stop shop for visitors in search of ‘something different.’

Chef Iljaaaaa, your finger foods were amazing, nicely paired with Spanish Lolea Sangria and sparkling wine. I understand Chef Fabrizio is the other terrific alternative on call: Mangiare bambino mangia.

To get in touch with Barbulet with all your needs / wants call #+297 661 0051. [email protected]

From a recent AHATA report: The number of nights spent in apartments/guesthouses grew by 11.3% in March.

The number of nights spent by visitors staying in apartments or guesthouses grew by 11.3% in March, from 25,597 nights in March 2017 to 28,488 nights in March 2018. The number of nights spent by visitors staying in private homes grew by 10.8% from 133,597 in March 2017 to 148,053 in March 2018.

In the first three months of 2018 the number of nights spent by visitors staying in apartments or guesthouses grew by 2.9% from 92,199 nights in 2017 to 94,897 nights in 2018. The number of nights spent in private homes grew by 3.8% in the first three months, from 462,311 nights in 2017 to 479,834 nights in 2018.

Freya is determined to reach some and provide them with a life line of information, as good-looking as she is smart, we know she will find success.


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