Did you watch the Summit yesterday? It was an interesting show, and thank you for organizing and televising it, we saw union leaders who have received their salaries talk about respect, because they do not feel the burn, while the representatives of AHATA, ATSA, and the Aruba Food & Beverage Association put the real issue on the table because they all feel the heat, on the verge of bankruptcy.

The Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association politely reminded GOA that the crisis started LONG before the Covid19 outbreak.

(National debt increases:

Gabinete Henny Eman I = Awg 617.000.000

Gabinete Nelson Oduber 1 & 2 = Awg 552.000.000

Gabinete Henny Eman 2 & 3 = Awg 336.000.000

Gabinete Nelson Oduber 3 & 4 = Awg 725.000.000

Gabinete Mike Eman 1& 2 = Awg 1,929.000.000

Gabinete Wever Croes 1 = Awg 127.000.000

Proyectonan PPP di Gabinete Mike Eman = Awg 1,443.000.000

National Debt Awg 5,729.000.000

Total AVP Awg 4,325.000.000 = 75% / MEP Awg 1,404.000.000 = 25%)

And according to the department of finance we need another 500M this year, that is Awg 5.000.000 florin, which increases the total debt beyond Awg 5,000.000.000, that’s 5 billion.  

And that GOA promised to fix things, tax reform, labor reform, cut overhead but did not move on any of the issues, and while GOA seems to acknowledge that supervision will be required and that we do not have options other than seeking assistance from the Netherlands, is it frozen, stuck, slow to react and unchanging. (that’s my interpretation of what AHATA said)

AHATA in the morning and then RAIZ in the afternoon declared that without seeing the official document, specific feedback cannot be given, and they hoped we do get the opportunity to review it.

But in the meantime, politicians must listen to the public in general instead of only to their entourage of paid yes men/women cousins, nephews and fanatical following. It is time to make practical decisions and not instigate and divide the community with statements based on emotion and pride or partial information.

It’s time to think of the wellbeing of the country rather than the next election. We need to be responsible and not emotional. Supervision will be unavoidable and necessary. 

Doctor: You know you show signs of severe Diabetes, your blood pressure is high, your circulation poor, it’s time you cut sugar out of your diet, exercise more, and basically change your lifestyle if you wanna live, your body shows many signs of distress and your overweight prevents you from breathing.

Patient: You mean give up Coca Cola? And coffee full house, and bolo di manteca and two pastechi for breakfast. I cannot, really, it isn’t fair to ask me to sacrifice everything I love. A man has the right to enjoy life a little bit.

So basically that has been the scenario for many years, the experts told us to go on a diet, and we refused, and consumed and consumed, until our legs fell off. Ooops. Not our fault.

The only cure for diabetes, what totally reverses it, is fasting. Less consumption. Tighten the belt, go on a diet, don’t take any medicine, just zip it, stay away from food, reduce everything, from personnel to expenses. Say welcome to austerity!

The economy will take a long time to recover and we will need the financial assistance in the meantime. Along with that assistance there will be conditions and the need for supervision, but we can help ourselves by accepting our own responsibility for the disaster.

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July 09, 2020
Rona Coster