Ban Celebra cu Tapa Cora

As the island enters the festive holiday season, we are debuting a catchy and celebratory music video featuring our signature brew “Tapa Cora” (Red Cap) to mark the joy of the year-end holiday season.

The music video is a collaboration of local music personalities including Stefan Bartels-Daal (Steve Andreas), Chendell Beaumont (Rincon Boyz), and Ty Figaroa (Upgrade Music), with special appearances by Ivo Yanez, as well as Jerrino “Baas” Ridderstap from D’licious Band.  Overseeing the direction and production was Edward Silberie and his team.

One of the shining highlights and touch of local authenticity of the music video is the amazing energy captured by our own colleagues of Balashi, featured in the video proudly dancing alongside the performers.

But beyond the catchy rhythm, there are engaging lyrics with an important underlying message: celebrate responsibly.

Earlier this year we held brainstorming sessions, bringing to the table the idea of a year-end holiday musical composition that was both audio and visual, combining both fun and celebration with drinking responsibly, knowing that there are loved ones at home for you to safely come home to; the holidays are most importantly about family and loved ones, first and foremost.

Balashi has been Aruba’s national beer for more than 22 years, and thanks to the Tapa Cora branding campaign launched in 2021, the beer has had exponential growth in the local market and is still continuing to grow.

On behalf of the marketing team, celebrate the magic of this season with Tapa Cora safely and responsibly…because life is a blessing.

Here’s the link to the video for you to enjoy.




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December 02, 2022
Rona Coster