Bahamas Trip Provides Lasting Memories

bahamas-060ECO Destination Management of Aruba has been servicing the meetings and incentives market on the island for over two decades. The company specializes in creating memorable vacation stays for corporate clients, staging spectacular airport arrivals, adventure-filled island tours and picture-perfect banquets and celebrations.

In December, staff members got a delicious taste of their own medicine as company CEO Wichita Villacres whisked her dedicated crew off the island for a Bahamas cruise combined with shopping in Miami, all-expenses-paid. The program was laced with all the bells and whistles usually reserved for large corporate clients.

Villacres, famous for her high-energy and prolific imagination which she uses to create motivational experiences for her clients, reports: “We know that highly motivated employees are vital to any company’s ability to maximize business performance and we have been helping companies from around the globe motivate their employees, and rewarding them with very memorable trips to Aruba.”

“The incentive trips,” Villacres explains, “not only reward hard-working employees for past achievements, but also guarantee future performance by keeping levels of commitment high, and as a result levels of performance jump even higher.”

“While some companies,” Villacres shares, “opt to ignore this fact and throw out motivational and incentive programs at the first sign of economic downturn, in early December, before the beginning of the island’s high season we went out on a fantastic trip to the Bahamas.”

“It is important in the face of a global slump,” she advises, “to invest in employees, and make sure they deliver optimally, refreshed and rejuvenated. My crew, nicknamed ‘the achievers,’ had a good time,” she states, “and will be giving ECO DMS a competitive edge this winter.”

Pictured here ECO DMS’ business solutions, going on a trip to reward its employees and motivate them further, just ahead of a successful winter season.

ECO DMS is also available to local companies and is prepared to tailor and design a custom-program brimming with motivational experiences, in the local market.

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February 02, 2009
Rona Coster