Back in the Saddle Again

At the Malmok parliamentary meeting this morning — we combine walking and talking — the central issue was how to get MLT back in the saddle again.

Obviously she cannot go back to parliament because, all 21 seats are occupied.

If one of the less useful parliamentarians gives up his/her seat, we can slip MLT back into position.

But how to swing that delicate maneuver?

Genius Thijsen quietly returned to his comfy corner, and MLT went home. Not fair.

Admittedly, two AVP parliamentarians did a good job here, they talked to the Governor, then nudged the genius sufficiently to retract his proclamations. Peace was restored, let’s pretend nothing had even happened.

Fact, unless he is fired, he is there to stay. The party can ask him to resign, but that is not likely to materialize in a shaky coalition. But can we convince him to move on with the promise of the RDA chair?  After all we just lost Richard Eman as president, and we’ll need to replace him. The situation there is so messed up, even Genius cannot mess it up further. Then a seat for MLT becomes available, sorry, NO, wrong, party, but BUT MinPres would never let that happen.

So now we know why our Galactic Empress carries so many portfolios: General Affairs, Integrity, GOA’s Management, Innovation & Energy, as well as Spatial Development, Infrastructure AND Environment.

If she allows a parliamentarian to become a minister, a chair will be vacated in the house, to be filled by MLT.

Deep MEP wouldn’t like that, thus MinPres holds on to the assets, and shuts MLT out. I said it before: They must be all VERY afraid of MLT to drive her out with such vengeance and determination.

But the cartera is important, and POR was shamelessly robbed of its fair share of government. What would happen for example if POR announced it wanted developer, businessman Raymond Maduro to serve as Spatial Development, Infrastructure AND Environment MINISTER, in its name.

He was #10 on the POR list, and certainly qualifies for the job, no other POR member could undertake for a variety of reasons — one tainted, one with kids attending school in the USA and one wet behind the ears.

Raymond is methodical, with ample management experience under his belt. Why not? Let’s give it a try. That place needs leadership, it is very dysfunctional and hasn’t worked for years. We could only benefit from such appointment, and the MinPres load will be alleviated.  

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November 02, 2020
Rona Coster