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The events of the week, saddened me to say the least and I trust the Police will find the perpetrators, because my head was in the direct line of fire, of the second 11mm steel projectile, had it penetrated the safety-glass and had I been sitting at my desk.

Was it random or premeditated, we don’t know, but regardless, the reaction of my community was 90% extreme support and deep concern and 10% ‘she earned it she complains,’ similar to an abusive relationship where a partner just cannot help himself but slaps his spouse and the kids around, because they clearly earned it.

Even an enlightened newspaper like the Amigoe writes, quoting an ATV operator George Vieira: “If you look at the things Coster writes, she attacks everyone. So, the person who did this can be anyone, who was attacked by her.”

That’s just so shocking to read. Because it means that some members of our community don’t get, or pretend not to get what the column Bati Bleki Buzz does.

It doesn’t complain. It offers commentary. And you have to be in possession of a certain degree of maturity to understand it comes from a place of great love, from the fountain of eternal optimism that things can change and be improved.

When asked many people automatically reply that the opposite of love is hate. But that’s not true. The opposite of love is indifference, when you do not give a hoot, and when you don’t bother to offer feedback or commentary.

If you do, it means you are interested, involved, and hopeful, which is the Bati Bleki Buzz mission.

Columnist Den Cayente, asks: How screwed up and bankrupt as a human being are you, if that is your response, to casually state that Bati Bleki has more enemies, instead of expressing deep concern because; “This concerns all of Aruba and we should all condemn this action and make ourselves heard and not let us be ruled and silenced by a bunch or morons.”

Violence, of any kind, random or premeditated concerns us all – one drop of urine, contaminate water. If we tolerate violence in our community, sooner or later it will arrive at everyone’s doorstep

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September 17, 2021
Rona Coster