Attorney Roy Brown joined the dream team in heaven

I met the always restrained and correct attorney Roy Brown mid 80s I believe, when he first spread his wings to open his own law firm becoming an in-great-demand Legal Eagle on the island.

A highly intelligent, brilliant lawyer I knew he came from San Nicholas, from humble beginnings and that he managed to successfully graduate law school in the Netherlands, despite, or perhaps thanks to, the obstacles he had to overcome.

Roy’s father worked at the Aruba Golf Club on Goldweg, remember the nine hole, historic Astroturf course? Roy and his siblings inherited their love of the game from dad, playing on oiled sand greens, in their youth.

Wednesday, I heard from his niece Ayra Kip that Uncle Roy passed away on April 19th, and was saddened by the news.

Our lives crisscrossed on a number of occasions. Recently we met at the supermarket as Roy was pushing his wife’s shopping cart on Saturday mornings. It’s always nice to see that unity of purpose as it manifests over groceries. Because Roy partially withdrew from public life, the supermarket was a perfect meeting place.

We also met when I did some work for brother Rudy & Roy at their now defunct Brown Golf Practice Range, when the lawyer and the Golf Pro decided to make their dream come true, and open a modern golf practice range on Palm Beach. It was a lovely project, and the brothers worked hard to breathe life into it, but it was not their core business, and thus it slowly failed. Roy was a great person to work for, and I value the time I spent with him on press releases and adz, back in the late 90s.

In recent years, Roy had the brilliant idea to refer his nieces to me, Ayra & Ira Kip, the founders of Art Rules Aruba, and over the past seven years I thanked Roy every time I saw him for sending these two creative yiu-sin-dolor my way.

As a professional Roy worked hard, and listened to his clients, leading them down the right path, with straight and firm advice.

One of his great accomplishments I believe, are his kids, he managed to raise two brilliant lawyers, Patrick Brown and Maura Brown and thereby secure succession for his business, which is a considerable feat on today’s panorama.

A bit shy, but with a darkish sense of humor, Roy took sides but no one faulted him for that, because it was all understated and correct!

Rest in peace.

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April 21, 2017
Rona Coster