ATSA highlights 2023 in Review.

The members of the Aruba Timeshare Association, ATSA, convened for the annual New Year Dinner at Las Ramblas, La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino and enjoyed an excellent evening of networking over delicious food, under the stars, at the famed al fresco restaurant, overlooking Eagle Beach.

The representatives of most of the island’s Vacation Ownership properties, were in attendance, with their significant others. The Food & Beverage team of Las Ramblas prepared an exceptionally varied and tasty menu, paired with the cocktails and wines and the resort’s signature gracious service and hospitality. Over cocktails, before dinner guests toured the resort’s new adult pool with stylish cabanas and hot tub, activities center, upgraded barbeque areas and restrooms.

ATSA’s President, Luigi Heredia, Costa Linda Beach Resort, welcomed members offering them a toast for the new year, wishing them continued success in 2024.

In review, 2023 was a banner year for Aruba’s tourism. During quarterly business meetings, ATSA members were well informed, and welcomed a great number of presentations, regarding current issues and the latest tourism developments.

Presentation by Turtugaruba, and the Red Cross Aruba, opened the year.

Edith van der Wal, Turtugaruba, President, asked the resorts to lower, shield, or redirect lights, among other commendations, to ensure a successful nesting season.

Tracey Werleman, Social Coordinator & Operations Red Cross Aruba, gave an extensive presentation about the Red Cross Activities. ATSA, has been a strategic partner of the Red Cross for the past years, and Werleman thanked the organization for renewing its contract to support.

ATSA also received internal updates from president, Luigi Heredia, about the annual EPB Hospitality Students Orientation Program, at the vacation ownership resorts. That initiative hosts EPB Oranjestad and EPB St Nicolas students, for a visit, each year, to increases the exposure of the local hotel industry among youths, planting the seeds for future employment possibilities.

Jurgen van Schaijk of Amsterdam Manor, updated members regularly regarding the activities of TPEF, the Tourist Product Enhancement Fund and the budget allocated to future projects including those dedicated to Heritage. Environment. Attractions, Contingency, Awareness, Investment, and Beautification.

Pedro Vargas, Marriott Aruba Ocean Club, updated the members regarding the Security Foundation, and the agreement signed between ATA, and the Aruba Hospitality and Security Foundation to increase visibility of law enforcement personnel in the tourist areas.

According to ATSA’s President, Heredia, the timeshare industry has evolved significantly in the last few decades to become an attractive vacation option for younger customers, and the results speak for themselves. Today’s timeshare products allow for flexibility, owners clearly enjoy these options and continue to rate “overall flexibility” and “exchange opportunities” as their top reasons for purchasing a timeshare.

Distinguished Minister Glenbert Croes, the Ministry of Labor, Energy and Integration shared information regarding the island’s updated Admission Policy and covered strategies and initiatives related to the labor shortage challenge on Aruba. He pledged improved collaboration between government departments such as DIMAS and DPL, in charge of immigration and labor.

A representative of the minister of Tourism & Public Health introduced the proposed HORECA permit fees and the creation of a new authority in charge of permit issuance and supervision under the Licensing Regulation. This new central supervisory body, the Aruba Quality & Hospitality Authority, AQHA, will be specifically responsibly for quality control and enforcement, as a semi-public Sui Generis organization.

ATSA also received updates regarding the Aruba Hospitality and Security Foundation, AH&SF, now home to the Tourism Security Patrol Aruba, TSPA, who was launched in December 2023. The presentation by Dylan Molina & Patrick Melchiors, talked about the new initiative to increase visibility of law enforcement in the areas of Palm Beach & Eagle Beach

Mid-year, Rina Geerman, La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, replaced the retiring board member Jessica Franken. Jessica, La Cabana’s assistant manager since 1988, was the recipient of this year’s 2023 ARDA Awards of Excellence.

ATSA was established in 1994, and currently counts the active membership of most vacation ownership properties in Aruba. The association works on a local level, as a supporting member of AHATA, the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association, and with other local organizations as well as government entities. On a regional level, where Aruba continues to receive recognition as a model vacation ownership destination, ATSA has professional ties with the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association and benefits from continuous collaboration with ARDA, the American Resort Development Association.

The ATSA Board members:  Luigi Heredia (Board President ATSA) Sulaika Kelly (Board Member ATSA) Pedro Vargas (Board Member ATSA), Rina Geerman (Board Member ATSA) Jurgen van Schaijk (Board Treasurer ATSA).



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January 25, 2024
Rona Coster