At the Pelican Bar, Patriots Cheerleaders Rocking the Divi in Aruba


The Patriots’ Cheerleaders were on the island for a full week, last week, staying at the Mega Divi Resort shooting their 2010 swimsuit calendar.

On Thursday they gave a show around the pool deck of the resort and the Pelican Bar. The event was facilitated by hospitality executive Francis Ridderstap and included some fun activities besides traditional cheerleading.

The pre-show warm up presented a Trivial Pursuit game in which the audience had to guess which of the cheerleaders was a  Valedictorian, and who was the owner of a shoe collection worth over US$22.000, who was a finalist on “American Idol,” who could juggle – including a professional demonstration – who was a “River Dancer,” and more. The girls entertained a crowd made up of hotel guests and employees, and stopped for photo opportunities dressed in their cheerleading uniforms.

Pictured here the pool side event at the Mega Divi Resort.

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May 03, 2009
Rona Coster