As reported by Rainbow Warriors International, and I believe they are right.

One environmental theory, by the name of “WORLD OVERSHOOT, measures our consumption, and when we use more from Nature than our planet can renew in a WHOLE year, we call it EARTH OVERSHOOT DAY.

This year according to a website by that name, July 19th was earth overshoot day, because by that day we have produced as much CO2, as we were supposed to produce the whole year.

The 7month global demand for ecological resources such as fish, forests, and services exceeded what earth could regenerate in this year.

As we keep consuming, we grow a deficit by wiping out the earth’s natural resources and accumulating waste, mostly, CO2, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

I am sure you read the sad Yale report: Greenland is melting at an unprecedented rate, causing vast quantities of ice to disappear and global sea levels to rise. The fate of the ice sheet is not sealed, but unless CO2 emissions are sharply cut, the long-term existence of Greenland’s ice is in doubt.


Apparently the overshoot day for Aruba was, April 2nd, 2019. If we build 9 more boutique hotels and say 5 of the theoretically targeted larger hotels – Iberostar, Three Rivers, St Regis, Radisson Blue, Embassy Suites, we will end up with World Overshoot Day in January.

We need to mount a campaign, of reducing our footprints, making our island more sustainable and conserving our most precious assets for our tourism, namely the natural landscapes and environment.

The situation has gotten worse over the past year thanks to the efforts of the MinInfra campaign: “Get off the Pot or Poop,” forcing all option holders to start building, otherwise the option on land will be lost, within 6 months.

Ministeriële Regeling, Landsverordening Uitgifte van Eigendommen (LUE) Optie-Erfpacht-Akte: If the option-holder adheres to all requirements as stated in the option it goes into erfpacht and once the project has erfpacht, it is ruled by the Akte, and it has to start building within 6 months. Article 7 of the LUE)

Rather than losing the option on terrain, a MASSIVE, UGLY building drive erupted, as unannounced and unidentified projects started along the island’s main traffic arteries. For fear of losing the option to build, they all started.

Will they finish? Do we need more strip malls?  

According to Rainbow Warriors International, and NGOs who keep tabs on public awareness, we spent 25 times more money on public campaigns focusing on stray cats and dogs than campaigns to conserve nature and create more sustainable consumption patterns.

The twelve plus animal welfare and animal rights NGOs consume more than 350,000 florins each year and contribute nothing to what should be our chief concern: Reducing our footprints, making our island more sustainable and conserving our most precious assets for our tourism, namely the natural landscapes and environment.

Take notice that: There is a totally unsustainable expansion of product going on here, with SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, and CONSERVATION OF NATURAL ASSETS, on the back-burner.

A nationwide campaign designed to slow things down and reach every single demographic group, will be effective and would require an annual budget for two years of Awg 120,000.

That is Awg 10,000.00 a month.

Mind you, we spend MORE THAN THAT on stray cats and dogs!!!



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August 02, 2019
Rona Coster