Aruparking, Still Manages to Upset

This week three of my friends got booted. It’s either they’re idiots, or AruParking still doesn’t have its act together. I suspect by now, 15 months into the hoopla, the grey-confusing areas have been left this way on purpose, as an income-generating strategy.

The first adorable bobo went to the International Women’s Day Conference on Wednesday, fed the meter  a few florins, then went back midday to replenish the meter. She got booted shortly before 3pm, and when she discovered her car immobilized after 6pm – yes, you guessed, happy hour – she called the office number, 520 2323, for instructions. They did not pick up the phone. When she called me I reassured her that the office IS open until  7pm, and that she CAN bail out her car.

Really, on International Women’s Day?

Downtown was bursting at the seams with cars, all parking lots were full. Aruparking must have made a bundle.

And naturally, the attitude of the clerks at the Aruparking office is priceless. They shrug and avert their eyes, refusing to make eye-contact. Poor things, they should be trained to show empathy, in spite of the pressure. People are just mad, nothing personal. Isn’t it their job to handle the situation?!

The second loveable bobo went shopping downtown, and parked in a slot with no number

The third dear bobo, not just one but two, a pair, they parked in a slot with no number.

They found out the hard way that they are not supposed to park between two yellow lines and to their defense they asked: “So why isn’t the area Xed off. Why doesn’t it simply say RESERVED, in yellow paint, on the asphalt?”


I don’t know.

I didn’t even know about the all-time verboten parking between yellow stripes!

At this junction we are asking you to improve the markings, please state it clearly: NO PARKING

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March 13, 2017
Rona Coster