The Minister of Tourism, Transportation and Labour hosts a private office party

Over the weekend the island’s Minister of Tourism, Transportation & Labour, Otmar Oduber, hosted a private office-party for the members of his staff, at Amazonia Churrascaria.

That week was particularly busy at the ministry with the First Annual Tourism Summit, the Shoco National Awards of Excellence event, and another very special evening honoring a great number of government employees, celebrating long-term careers. In between state business affairs the minister found time to give thanks to his staff of dedicated individuals, by hosting a party in their honor at Amazonia Churrascaria over delicious food and drinks.

Pictured here, staff members and advisers enjoying an evening of leisure, in the bar room of Aruba’s Brazilian-style steakhouse, Amazonia Churrascaria.

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December 19, 2011
Rona Coster