Aruba Doet 2023, 193 projects, 3,400 volunteers

According Paulien ter Meulen, CEDE ARUBA’s 11th annual Aruba Doet started successfully on Friday, for two action-packed days of volunteer work.

CEDE ARUBA is a working in collaboration with the Dutch Kingdom on community projects. For this year’s event they posted 193 projects in need to volunteers, and recruited about 3,400 from among local schools, scout organizations, the Dutch Marines, local businesses and even tourists, all rolling their sleeves up, yesterday and today.

Dedicated, generous sponsors provided anything from paint to construction materials, water, sun block and/or transportation and snack food.

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I was introduced to the GOAT PROJECT at Hooiberg 47z, a privately owned mini farm, by a local goat-lover who is making a shift from raising goats for meat to raising goats for milk and cheese production.

Nathalie Maduro at Santa Rosa, welcomes the move. The agricultural station now has on staff an expert that is helping the improvement of local goat blood lines and encouraging local farmers to do things differently, in order to improve animal husbandry on the island.

Anthony Walle, reports having about 400 goats. His herd enjoyed an upgrade with the importation of pedigree male goats, called bucks or billies, to mate with the local females, called nannies.

All animals look nicely cared for, and the kids, the young ones, are especially cute. I was welcomed by a male Boer Goat with an impressive pair of curled backwards horns. He acted like a dog, ready to cuddle and play.

The Aruba Doet volunteers helped the Goat Project last year in clearing a large area, and this year they built a coral for the billies and started working on a visitor’s center, a double decker, where visitors can stand and observe the goats interact, below.

Desiree Eldering from the Donkey Sanctuary is the godmother of the Goat Project, she’s been helping Anthony make his dream come true, and thank you Balashi beer brewery for sending wasted grains for animal feed and Andina ice, for the orange peel waste.

Aruba Doet is the largest volunteer event on the island. People sign up to help social organizations or a good cause together with friends or colleagues, school friends or company workers. Whether you help painting, repairing playgrounds or gardening for a group of elderly, you are guaranteed to have fun!

ARUBA DOET, is part of a larger organization with NL DOET, ARUBA DOET, BON DOET, CURA DOET, STATIA DOET, SABA DOET and SMX DOET, unfolding at the same time, on the same day. The Dutch fund makes large investments in social causes on the islands and strengthens the ties between the islands and the kingdom.

As a volunteer you can pick Friday or Saturday, or both, morning, afternoon or evening, also all three, and be helpful at social activities, renovating, building, cleaning, organizing, gardening, painting, decorating, administrating, a mix of elderly, adult or children causes.

See you next year again, in March!

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March 11, 2023
Rona Coster