Aruba Doet 2017

Please consider volunteering your time to an important local social cause.

Go to:, and check out what jobs are available, because we are again looking for volunteers for community projects.

ARUBA DOET 2017, is the fifth edition of the grass root, volunteer event, taking place on Friday, March 10th & Saturday 11th. You may volunteer for a few hours on one or both days.

Organized by CEDE Aruba in cooperation with Oranje Fonds, it’s the largest volunteer event on the island. Should you also want to participate, sign up today and help a social organization or a good cause together with friends or colleagues, your school or your company. Yes, you may sign up as an individual or as a company. Whether you help painting, repairing playgrounds or spoil a group of elderly, you are guaranteed to have fun!

In 2016, 153 projects registered to receive help and 3,250 volunteers rose to the challenge, including me!

ARUBA DOET, is part of a larger organization by Oranje Fonds, with NL DOET, ARUBA DOET, BON DOET, CURA DOET, STATIA DOET and SMX DOET, unfolding at the same time. The Dutch fund makes large investments in social causes on the islands and strengthens the ties between the islands and the kingdom.



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March 03, 2017
Rona Coster