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Dr Richard Visser an Aruba-born distinguished medical professional has focused on the epidemic of childhood obesity in recent year, examining the issue from many different perspectives: as an academician, a clinical researcher, an activist and politician, an educator, a concerned citizen and a parent.

This week he has been featured on three health-related web sites in the USA:, and

On the two first websites he writes about Raising Healthy Children, and how to Boost Baby’s Nutrition, while on the third Erewhon, Hollywood’s most famous star studded all Natural and Green food & supplement provider, his name is listed among health practitioners participating in a big celebrity event, in Los Angeles.

Visser reports he will be promoting Extreme H Games TV, the his book coming out in January 2010 in addition to the Extreme H Games events in the Caribbean, and the island of Aruba as a vacation destination and a natural choice for West Coasters.

The Erewhon happening he explains will close down a street in Hollywood, and will have a record number of people attending including many celebrities. The subjects Visser will be addressing include helping parents raise healthy and fit kids, in a talk titled: “Unleashing the super-hero within your child.”

He will also address various Public Health questions mostly talking about how to stay well during an economic downturn and how to care for family members, in a crunch. Visser will outline what educators need to do in changing and updating school systems and he will elaborate on a brand new subject, food labeling and how to read new product labels coming on the market. Visser’s goal is to help parents weave through what’s good, bad and ugly. And while TV commercials, he explains, make it hard to differentiate between healthy and less healthy, Visser intends to help people navigate food labeling and look at the new laws and law structures, which must be implemented in order to safeguard mothers and children, especially young ones, age zero to six.

Visser will also outline the government’s role and how the private sector can help. “It is critical,” he says, “we must reevaluate the ways and means of building a healthy, prosperous society.”
After graduating from St. Michael’s University in Vermont with a degree in Science and Business Administration, Dr. Visser studied pre-med at the University of Colorado. But he felt the need to explore alternatives to the current medical model when it came to creating health and fitness. He entered Palmer College of Chiropractic in Santa Clara, California, and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Dr. Visser’s groundbreaking clinical study on childhood obesity on Aruba earned him his PhD. in Public Health from the University of Medicine, Havana, Cuba.

For fifteen years Dr. Visser has addressed the problem of obesity and, more specifically, the pandemic of childhood obesity, on many fronts, including work with the International Olympic Committee. Through the years Dr. Visser’s work has made a vital contribution to a greater understanding of the biological, sociological and psychological factors surrounding childhood obesity. This understanding has led to research with VU Medical Center The Netherlands and implementation projects through Latin America and the Caribbean. His work has been recognized by EPHA (European Public Health Alliance) in Brussels, Belgium and the Los Angeles City Council.

He speaks nationally and internationally to elementary schools, concerned parent groups and NGO’s, his Extreme H Games one day intensive with kids is in its third year. Through his foundation more than a thousand kids a year get to have this unique educational experience. Currently he is hosting a TV show teaching children Nutrition and Health in Los Angeles and writes for various publications.

To reach Dr. Visser, email him at

Pictured here Dr Visser’s interview on Bahrain TV during his recent visit to the Bahrain International Natural Health Products & Green Expo 2009.

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March 14, 2009
Rona Coster