The #MinFec telling her truth


The Minfec showed grit and gumption, in yesterday’s press conference. She found her voice. She got mad and we support this new direction.

She has the personality to lead us out of the hole, and she can use her God-given gifts to do so, setting politics aside, for once.  

Did you notice? People listen when she says ‘seniores.’  

MinFec is now finally sharing the facts, and NO ONE should argue with her.

Especially NOT the Unions, they should show us their financial statements, first. How much money do union leaders make and where are the membership funds?

And the salaries of their members, Elmar, for example, what do these members make?

Those of you disappointed that GOA’s salary cuts are low, are right, but at least we are now moving in the right direction.

(Mind you all GOA’s employees will get a full salary in April, but in May, we will see some solidarity, which should have begun 6 weeks ago!)

Cft will surely demand more, and this time as a structural change, not a temporary measure, next month, when they see GOA only cut that much.

I watched the MinFec on Sunday night with the same-old presentation and felt a sense of despair. She talked about 1.6 billion aid. She is not getting it, I thought, she cannot ignore the Knops letter – I published yesterday –  why does she try to window-dress reality?

Tell it as it is, girl, I whispered.

It helped. On Wednesday, she came through, she said: We have no choice, we have no money, CFT monitors how we spend the aid, monthly, and there is NO ALTERNATIVE.

Let’s instill some discipline, and achieve reform!

And we’d better get behind this. As a country.

Everyone, please, take your head out of the sand, NOW.

About the Q&A portion of the press conference

SCREEN THE QUESTIONS, enough with redundant, unintelligent and unnecessarily loooong so-called educated questions.  Do us a favor, SCREEN the question, and answer only the relevant ones.

I almost fell off my chair when a press member asked: And what about the Chinese restaurant employees who cannot produce a pay slip, how are they going to get the aid??

I had an AHA moment

The reason why only 3,000 to 4,000 FASE applications were complete is because all the rest were unable to produce documents, HAVING WORKED IN THE GRAY ECONOMY, all along.

They avoided taxes, got paid under the table, were not registered and now DO NOT QUALIFY for aid.

Consequently, I apologize to all those I have insulted. The process is indeed flawed, BUT the reason so many were left out is because they were tax evaders.

Those who paid their dues, and were legally registered, are now benefiting from the aid.

And in spite of the generous facemask donation by the Chinese community, recently received by the MinFec, their tax-evading employees are NOT eligible for the Awg 950 subsidy.

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April 23, 2020
Rona Coster