AntiGen Rapid Testing and the Fifth Wave

I went shopping on Saturday, for some Antigen Rapid Tests for a friend, who developed mild Covid19 symptoms. Omicron? Common Cold?

The first botica I visited was closed, unable to even open, due to staffing challenges.

The second botica ran out of kits and promised a fresh supply, on Monday.

The third one had limited stock, and agreed to sell me a box of five, which I broke open to divide between two households.

I realized I was in possession of a hot item, flying off shelves.

It was penny wise and pound foolish to withhold these tests from the general population for so long. Now Omicron hit the island like a freight train, at top speed, some businesses are short of 20% to 30% of their staffers. Some were unable to even open, and DVG got overwhelmed, many systems ceased to function.

A family friend who recuperated from the virus, reported he never got his certificate from DVG, and had to pay for one, at a private lab, in order to take a flight out. Luckily, he had money in his pocket.

The economic damage? In the millions.

The venerated Mrs. Koolman & Co., had a lot to do with that inexplicable ban on self-tests, for the most outlandish reasons. It took many months of back and forth, more than SIX, between the private sector and the bureaucrats, before these self-tests were approved.

If only we had those sooner, people could self-test, then in the event they found two stripes, they could get a PCR that tests for the virus itself.

This is important: The Antigen Rapid Test, tests the presence of a foreign protein. It comes up positive, if that famous spike protein is detected.

In case of a Delta virus infection, it carries a great viral load, and the Antigen Rapid Test can come up with the answer, fast, within 15 minutes.

In case of an Omicron virus infection, that favors the throat, not the nose, it produces a lighter viral load, that takes longer to detect. Testing for the Omicron virus is best on day three of symptoms. By that time, the viral load is fully developed.

My friends in the medical profession recommend swiping the inner cheeks, for five seconds first and then heading up the nose, for more accurate Antigen detection. And wait, don’t rush. And do it properly. Read instructions.

If we got into the habit of self-testing, earlier, we could have prevented the breakdown of business as we know it.

Imagine being short 20%-30% of your people. How do businesses operate? And as far as we know, the fifth wave is till picking up momentum,

With self-testing, much of the illness resulting from New Year gatherings, could have been detected BEFORE, the poop hit the fan.

And when it did, with MORE THAN 1,000 POSITIVE results, every day, DVG continued to insist on long testing lines because only LabHOH, could do the job.

That is a new definition of insanity.

Two of my friends report it took them 20 minutes to test before leaving the island on their New Year’s vacation in Guadalupe, and that they had to stand in the sun for four hours, of that French beauty in order to get tested before flying out.

We are lucky to have such a fantastic private lab infrastructure, which MinTVG, wants to put out of business, by denying it access to clients. Just Like Cuba and North Korea, where being in business is considered a sin.

Our visitors enjoy access, and fast service, while stories from the USA reveal that no American lab can guarantee results within 48 hours, and labs are hard to find and far apart.

Thousands of visitors are being tested here every single day by commercial labs, offering them smooth and efficient service, while the locals are denied it, by our own government.

MinTVG would not allow locals free testing, paid for by AZV, at the commercial labs. Why? Is he anti-business, working against the sector that saved our souls before, during, and after the pandemic.


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January 14, 2022
Rona Coster