Another shipment of innovative home designs arrives at EQ3 Furniture + Accents in Salinja Cerca


The EQ3 team has been eagerly awaiting its 2nd shipment of furniture and home accents since opening its doors in December last year.

Over the fast few months that modern large store has been visited by many local residents and visitors in the process of purchasing homes and condos.

This week, new inventory and many custom-ordered pieces arrived in the 40-foot container, practically jumping into the EQ3’s delivery truck, which is fired up and ready to drop the new arrivals off within the next few days to all its anxiously awaiting new owners.

EQ3 offers Aruba a fresh new look in home furnishings, a contemporary style, marrying function and durability.

EQ3 is a Canadian lifestyle concept which inspires the intimate and emotional place we call home.

And inspiration at EQ3 comes in different ways: The team of EQ3 offers design advice with a “Shop At Home” program. A visit from the EQ3 team for an in-home consultation is guaranteed to replace anyone’s design-fear with confidence.

“Refreshing your home with just a few new pieces will give it a pepped up feel,’ says Lynn Maduro. “You don’t have to dump it all and start from scratch, a little update goes a long way,” she concludes.

Located at Salinja Cerca Strip Mall, next to Marathon Video in Noord, Telephone 586-3373 Website

Pictured here are the hardworking team members of EQ3. Come take a look at the newly arrived armchairs, the ALEX, KARBON, and MOLLIE chairs, while sales associate Rachell may show you the wall art collection.

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March 27, 2009
Rona Coster