Another proof of total mismanagement

Finally, we are focusing half hazardly on recycling, reusing and reducing waste especially around the beaches.  ATA joined forces with AHATA to re-introduce a recycling program with ten new trash receptacles at various Aruba beaches.
I noticed one at Fishermen’s Huts, then another one at Malmok and was ELATED.

I was so happy. It’s incredible that some pieces of wood slapped together and painted turquoise would cheer me up so.

And who gets the credit: AHATA and Plastic Beach Party, the private sector, who made these containers to accommodate four types of waste, labelled in English and Spanish: General waste, aluminum and other metals, plastic and glass.

AHATA paid for two of them, and the Tourism Product Enhancement Fund contributed the balance – remember that is money collected from ATSA, the timeshare hotels.

To add insult to injury, this minimal program, for an island of 2 million tourists a year, is a PILOT, nothing permanent. It is agreed for one year with the Metabolic Foundation, creator of a recycling collective named Plastic Beach Party, that collects, sorts, shreds, designs and molds plastic waste into brand new products.

ATA, a multi-million dollar a year organization, with its own bank, has worked with them for three years with their own office waste, and is patting itself on the back for doing so.

I just want to cry.

And I am NOT taking away from the achievement. The receptacles are fantastic, much needed, and thank you, but WE are doing pathetically LITTLE for an island drowning in untreated waste.

God bless the Metabolic Foundation that will handle plastic and Ecotech that will receive general waste. Metals will be handled by Daltra, god bless them too.

ATA is now also working on an Adopt-A-Trashcan program making it possible for other companies to participate by providing an essential service at their chosen location. Although there is sufficient capacity and the collection schedule is well-planned, ATA asks users not to leave any overflow of trash in the area. Thank you for that.

In Japan the entire population picks up, packs and carts away every little bit of trash they create, to be discarded at THEIR own premises, never in the public arena.

THIRTY-SIX years of autonomy, with zero maintenance, or management of our waste handling infrastructure, both liquid and solid.

Today, it becomes apparent what that results are. Damaged nature, which is the only product we are selling.

We sell vacations to millions of visitors, we make tons of money, GOA collects diligently, nothing is invested back. We need to rely on the effort of the Metabolic Foundation, an NGO, to save us from sinking in our own muck.

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February 01, 2022
Rona Coster